What i write is a part of me, mylife and my thoughts. It may be different from what u thought I am. But this is me and oh, THANKS for dropping by ;))

October 23, 2009


waaa.. after almost a year. finally i've reached my 100th post! haahaa. gyle lame en =p

just got back from uitm~ oh weekend. i love u sooooo much! huhuu.. its been a tiring week in uitm, n felt soooooo relieved to be back home. huhuuu. oke. xmaw cte psl ape jd ds week, nk cte pasl last week jgak! hehehee.

i think xyah cte pon mostly sume da tawu. dkat blog ade. kt fb lg laa. hehehee. well, here she is. back from moscow all da way 4 my convo! cewah =p. tade laa. she's back for good[hope so dear]. .

she arrived klia on friday nite, but next day baru jmpe.
together with her sis, kak ayu came pick me up then went straight to uitm coz afzan ade intrview. then k.ayu tnggal ktorg kt sane jee. hbs intrview, blk myhse dulu rehat2 jap. then ptg tue peg sp pulak with my kezens skali. went 4 a movie, 'pandorum'. criusly.. jgn laa tgk cte tue! hahahaa..
bising jee lebih. nice movie anyway. just not superb laa =p.

then ptg tue rushing blk. mymom called tnye kt mane. die nk blk uma daa. nant tade kunci pulak. so, terpaksa laa pulang. hehehee.

next!! =p

last sunday was my graduation day.
oke. i know sume org pon nk tnye
'eh da grad? cepatnye??'
meh sini saye explain yeee.

i'm taking CAT. which is an external program in uitm.
program nie, kte bwat 1yr jee. then terus masuk ACCA.
so, actually, convo nie. im just grad from cat je.
tak hbs belajar pon lg. harini grad. esknye da ade klas blk.

n actually. im not in 'writing an essay' mood. so mls daa nk cte pnjang2. hehee. n dtmbah lg my trials will start dis 30th oct. so, im home 4 study leave. tuepon kalau berjaya study laa en. huhuu.. pray 4 me yeah! i wanna pass ACCA a.s.a.p.

October 18, 2009

gud news!=))

1stly ; my beloved sister were back from moscow. n dis time she's back for good!
iloveusis!! supeeer byk!

2nd ; today was my cat's graduation day! sooooo damn happy! atfirst mcm kinda boring. but then i got soooo xcited bout it. hehehe.

for both stories. i'll update it later k? too tired to write tonite. huhuu
neway. checkout da pics in my fb!=)

October 11, 2009

makan makan

banyak open house. mkn dan mkn lagi.
sowieee to those yg kte x dpt dtg=(

October 10, 2009

night of fun=)

occassion ;
went to mid for bowling n movie.
then peg kdai nasi kandar in dmansara.
then went to macdonald sec 2.
peoples ;
ika. kiwan. anyz. haja. sally.
illi. azid. deena. farah. ama. thina.

October 4, 2009

sukee~ =D

waaa.. cant resist. blk jee mest nk on9 jgak.
iye iye jee kate bye2 kt fb, ym sume. hahahaa

neway. today i've made an achievement! cewah. well, who knows me well musti tumpang bangga en. hahahaa. nothing much actually. just ive drive all da way from ttdi jaya-sec11-sec2-desa alam-sec 7! nk gelak, gelak laa. im proud of myself. pncapaian pnting tuee. hahahaa. adoi, merepek jee. bukan ape. slalu nk drive mest kena ade org teman. lgpon mmg agak lame daa x drive pon. terlebih excited sket. n td sbb kiwan cant ride with me. so redah je arr peg en. kalau x try skarang bile lg en?=D