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March 21, 2011

lets keep on learning :)

salam :)

Alhamdulillah, im adapting to this weird environment. hahaa. sini kalau ade matahari pun still pakai coat sbb the wind macam sejuk gila. okay, no more bragging bout this whole weather thingy.

i've made some new friends(yeay me! hahaa), and wanna share bout something we talked bout the other day in class. she's malaysian but she's indian. okay tade masalah racist ye di sini. we've been quite a good friend, i think. hehee. she's nice though :)

we started talking then terkeluar laa the japan's tsunami topic. then she asked me :

"Is it true i've read that Al-Quran had wrote bout the disaster in Japan?"

i was like terdiam kejap. i know i gotta choose the right words to explain this. shes asking something about Islam and i dont wanna just straight ckp and give her a wrong impression on Islam.

"yes. but its not exactly mentioned it will happened in japan, and not exactly mentioned its tsunami. but Al-Quran did explained about this natural phenomenon that will happen one day. our earth is getting old you know."

"And i heard about end of the world where they said everything will be crushed down like in the movie 2012?"

"yeah, in Islam we called it 'hari kiamat'. and yes, semua benda yang jadi ni tanda-tanda but we cant exactly say it will happen in 2012. it mayb true and mayb not. it could even happen today."

"I ada terbaca kalau bukan 2012, it will happen in 2036 kan ?"

"erm erm, we cant be sure exactly when it will happened. dalam Al-Quran tak ada tulis tarikh like 2012,2036. tapi ada tulis tanda tanda so we kept alert. so that we remember everythings will come to an end and it all in His hand."

"erm. yeah. macam kita tak tahu bila kita akan mati kan ?"

"yeah. tuelaa i nk cakap td. hehee"

then sir Augustine masuk.

"hehee. thanx, its been nice talking to you."
agak relieved sebab mcm takut kalau she keep asking, i dont have that much knowledge to explain. sekarang mcm rasa, me myself pun memang tak cukup ilmu pasal Islam. I do have MUCH MORE to learn. and it will never be enough. I'll keep on learning, insyaAllah. mayb this is one way of He making me realised this through her. Alhamdulillah, i know He loves me and want me to change, insyaAllah i will :)

*mayb lain sikit the way im explaining things to her. tp lebih kurg mcm tue laa conversation kitorg. and yeah, sesiapa yang ada ilmu bout this. do share with me yeah. jazakillah friends :))


Fathini said...

Kte pon org penah tanye pasal tudung la,pasal kawen dlm islam la.tula naseb bek lg xditanye soklan mcm yg kite xleh jawab lgsung.memg kene tambah ilmu!:)

haikadove said...

hehee. tuelaa kann thini. kt sini mcm sng je nk disoal siasat mcmtue. really got to read more for my own good jugak ;)

si pencinta mujahadah said...

ika,,,as a good muslim kte mmg sntiasa rse diri ni x ckup ilmu di dada,,dat's y la kte kne balance kn mse kte tuk cr ilmu dunia & akhirat....(^_^)

haikadove said...

thank youuu :)
im not really a good one, i know. but its never too late to learn n change aite. insyaAllah :D