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May 24, 2010

mari berdoa :-)

kita selalu dengar orang cakap. 'nak satu benda tue, kena laa usaha'. tapi selalu jugak kita dengar orang mengeluh. 'aku da usaha yang terbaik dah, tapi...' 

what i'm trying to say here, mungkin usaha tue tak cukup. no no, bukan mungkin, tapi memang. kalau usaha je memang tak cukup. kita kena topup dengan tawakal dan doa. keberkatan, keredhaan Allah tu penting tak kira dalam pelajaran ke, dalam pekerjaan ke. tak susah pun nak berdoa. paling kurang pun 5x sehari. bila ? lepas solat, salah satu waktu mustajab. Kita tengok, ade orang yang mungkin usahanya tak sehebat kita, tapi dia selalu berjaya dalam setiap apa yang dia buat. pernah tak terfikir, kenapa Allah selalu tolong dia? Mungkin sebab dia tak pernah lupa minta bantuan Allah setiap hari ? sedangkan kita, sombong tak nak minta tolong pada Allah. Kita minta orang doakan kita, tapi kita? ade tak doa sendiri minta pada Allah ?

a friend once send me a forwarded message :

 Kadang-kadang kita berdoa untuk kuat, tapi banyak pula dugaan yang datang.
 Kadang-kadang kita minta ketenangan, tapi masalah pula yang timbul.
 Kadang-kadang kita minta kebahagiaan, tapi huru hara pula yang jadi.
 Dugaan menjadikan kita kuat, masalah menjadikan kita matang, huruhara menjadikan kita tabah.
 semua yang berlaku ada hikmah. Hebatkan ALLAH! kalaulah manusia tahu hadis ini :

 "Telah berkata Jibrail : ' Wahai Tuhan, Engkau tunaikanlah hajat hambaMu. '
  Maka Allah menjawab : 'Biarkan hambaKu itu, kerana Aku mencintai suaranya' "
 -Anas B Malik-

see, Allah tue Maha Penyayang, Maha Pengasih. sampai macamtu sekali Dia rindukan,cintakan suara kita. Jangan berhenti berdoa cuma sebab apa yang kita doa tak dimakbulkan lagi. mungkin Dia tak makbulkan sebab Dia nak bagi sesuatu yang lebih baik pada kita. Jangan putus asa dengan Allah because He's the one who will always be there for you no matter where, no matter when. You might think you have your family and friends but what happen when they're gone ? He's the one who will always be there forever ;)

Entry nie macam kelam kabut sikit. mayb because i'm not really in mood of doing an entry but i'm writing this one specially to remind myself, lagi lagi nak dekat exam nie. I hope He will still help me like He did all this while =)

May 15, 2010

oh my sunshines~ =)

"The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogging world."

Firstly, of course i would like to thanks my beloved sis, my bestfriend ASMAYANTI for the award. i love you sis! 

Now, i would have to nominate 12 bloggers that i like, that do inspire me with their blog's content. Do accept it please dear bloggers, u made my day and i hope this award would made ur day =)
[some of them might be the same person as kak as's nomination, thats because your blog do inspire us in some ways;) ]

1. I Write~ : She's the one who gave me the award, i know im supposedly nominate others, but your blog do inspire me too kak as and there's no rule forbidding me to nominate the person who nominate me ;)

2. Blog Afiqawe : My beloved brother's blog. I'm following his blog silently. hahaa. I love his blog, his writing because everything he wrote will make me thinks, made me realise all the small things i've forgotten or never knew before! haa. thats what soo special bout his blog. do accept this one afiq, iloveu =))

3. fArhAnA : She's one of my childhood friend. since tadika al-fath. though we haven't met for years, but still, thanks to facebook, to blog we manage to kept in touch. since kids, she's always the wise one among us, she's cool and won't get mad easily. now, she's grown up, she's still the wise one. she used to write bout her daily life in mfi. but now, she wrote something that will make me think, made me realise, kept us alert bout all our attitude, our routine. thanks nana, kept on writing all those things and do accept this oke, u deserve it =))

4. circle of life : She's a friend from highschool and also my coursemate in UiTM. I love the way she express herself in the blog. she have her own way and thats why i love her ;)
accept this oke kak kiwan, may it will bright ur day.

5. Ma vie.Mon cœur.Moi. : Another childhood friend, known her for ages. she's studying in Mesir, thus she used blog to let us here, in Malaysia, know about her life. Accept this award shuk, and keep shining oke =))

6. A piece of me : A friend i known in UiTM.. i love her blog, its like knowing another her. hahaa. in a good way oke thini. sometimes, a simple thing she wrote do have deep meaning. it is unique. Accept this award oke, and keep on smiling ;)

7. just ily : Another coursemates. i like her blog, i like her header! hahaa. and and, the way she wrote her blog seems like full of emotion, when u read it, seems like u can feel it. nice aite. ili, do accept this and keep writing kayh! =)

8. ~The Story Of My Life~ : One of my coursemates too and could say one of my closest friends in UiTM. She wrote about her life and usually when there's some special events goin' on. sometimes, she wrote every little details of the events and that do impressed me. Anyz, accept this and keep living ur life to the fullest kayh ;)

9. kupunya harta karut : I've known her during highschool through a friend of mine and now, she's my coursemate in UiTM too! how small a world can be rite. i love her blog, i like the way she write. why ? i dont know, it just interesting in its own way. and baya, i like when u post pictures in your blog! they just nice, beautiful and smart~ huhuu. accept this oke partner ;)

10. Hashihashiha : She's one of my schoolmates in high school. her blog live like her, she wrote and u can feel the emotion in it. specially when its about any event she went to. feels like u were there too. criusly! accept this kay zikay, u do deserve this =))

11. cintafinespun : She's one of the e-novel's writer that i love! her novels somewhat unique and special. there's this one story about love for siblings. it was really great! touching habis! and her other stories too, do have the 'reminders' in it. Nir, i hope u'll accept this oke. keep on writing dear ;))

12. cucuratap : another e-novel's writer. criusly i love her stories! all of them. never failed to made my day. huhuu. im wondering how a student could write like that. really, its awesome~ cik cucur, do accept this oke, u really deserve it ;))

waaah. finally~ it took me almost a day to write all these oke. and im no good in giving explaining things, mayb u think it just a lame excuse i've given up above. i just love their blogs and reading them do made my day. and to others in my list and i've followed, u guys do deserve this too sunshines ;))

For these 12 bloggers, sila claim award anda and please;

i. Nominate 12 more bloggers.
ii. Put the logo onto your sidebar or within a post.
iii. Link the nominees within your post.
iv. Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their respective blogs.
v. Share the love and link to the person from whom you have received the award.

May 6, 2010

accepting things..


its a phrase that always calm me down in any situation. when im sad cause didnt get something i wanted or when im depressed to get something i hated all this while. Allah work in HIS own way. we will never know what He had decided for us. mayb its something more special than we think it is.

kadang-kadang kita sedih bila kite tak dapat ape yang kite nak, kita terpisah ngan orang yang kita syg. kite menangis berhari-hari. kita mengeluh jee selalu. tp nant sampai satu mase, kite sedar jugak, 'oh, nsb baiklaa aku tak dpt dulu', 'oh, nsb baik da tade pape sekarang' . see, Allah lg tahu ape yg terbaik untuk kita. kalau Dia tak bg ape yang kita nak, mest sebab benda tue tak elok untuk kita.

kadang-kadang kita sedih bila something unpleasent happens to us. mungkin tibe tibe lecturer letak kita dengan orang yang kita benci dalam satu group. kita marah, kita lansung tak ikhlas buat discussion. tapi pernah tak kita fikir, mungkin Allah nak tunjuk kat kita sesuatu yang kita tak nampak sebelum nie ? mungkin orang yang kita benci tu laa orang yang paling baik sekali. we'll never know.

sometimes, we must learn to accept things as they come. ikhlas and redha always helped. yes, it aint easy but it aint that hard too. its all in our thoughts and yes, we could change it. im writing this entry not just for others but its especially for me. im trying to adapt with things that do upset me. i know, its His way showing that He loves me and He want to test me, i hope im strong enough for this because i know, He chose me because He know i could handle it. insyaAllah =)