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May 29, 2009

special to ; kak as=)

YOUR BIRTHD[imagedeleted]AY IS HERE,



May 16, 2009

berehat seketika.

next week start my study leave 4 2wks. dats mean finals pon nk start lg 2weeks je! my papers will be on da 1st,2nd,8th n 10th of june. huhuu.. nsb ade gap.. bley revise2 lg 4 few days.. ngeee.. menyeramkan jee bila pk. my trials result overall oke except 4 audit. alhmdulillah i didnt failed any papers but im still not satisfied wit my audit paper. i hope i manage to do better in da final exams nant. huhuuu.. and as 4 da title. i thought of 'resting' from my ms,fb n blgging world kjap. tak lameee.. kjap jee.. till 10th june which mean until my last paper hbs laa.. lpas tu kte enjoy! hahaaa. so b4 dat i need to start focus on my books, notes n all da exercises.
GO ATIKAH! u can do it! =p

anyway, esk bday one of my closest frens,
K.KIWAN~! HAPPY BECOMING BIRTHDAY! wish u all da besh in everything u do n all da happiness always be with u. love u lots n lots~=).

p/s; kte wish awal2 coz i thought lpas nie xnk on9 n blogging daa.. hehehee..[klw boleylaa;p]

May 10, 2009

to ; afiq n k.dayah =)

huhuu.. post dis time ats permntaan afiq nk tgk kuceng! heheee..

so ika bwat special utk afiq! kena cmment taw taw! =p

*tgk diorg maen! hehee.. ika da kate en nk bwat video=p*

mom's special day


pg td bgn mmg super duper lmbat laa.. pg2 mydad da kejut, ckp nk blk perak jap. tp i was toooooo tired, so mls laa nk ikut. my parents jee yg peg. huhuu. then ptg tadi went to sbg parade with along to bought da present 4 mum. hehee.. gyle last minit laa.. tape, the thought dat counts en.. then called myparents tnye bile nk blk, nk g mkn. then they said da odw dah suro siap2 nant snggah amek ktorg jee.. i thought we gonna go to somewhere near jee. skali peg smpai kepong haa. jauh benor laa peg. cause mymum kate nk g mkn kt IRC.. huhuu. then da lpas mkn2 baru bg present tueh. even yg tkang bg nye just me n along, but sume org pon ade name skali laa including arep, afiq n k.dayah too! huhuu. happy mothers day again mak! love u always!!=)

venue ; IRC, kepong. chantek tmpat nieh!

bpak n mak! chomel kan? hahahaa=p

ika n along
[along bwat muke lak=p]

May 9, 2009

sports day~

as i said in the post before, today was APACS SPORT'S DAY! it was sooooooo much fun! x rug laa join da activities.. group ktorg maen byk gylee games smpai mmg da pnat gyle larh.. tp da members of the group mmg asyik bertukar-tukar jelaa.. yg mmg fixed was me,kiwan,anyz, azhar n alia jee.. then yg asyik ditarik masuk our group was amni, hadi, hakim, aabid n adil kot. not sure. hahaa.. thanx korg! n thanx to pn faridah too! 4 being sooooo sporting to join our group 4 da first 3games! i loveu pn faridah! hahahaa=p. yet, even we didnt manage to get any hamper[kot] but it doesnt matter larh. yg penting mmg have fun sgt sgt! even criusly super duper pnat oh. huhuuu. some of the games we played are ;

-war game [belon air! sy x basah lnsung! =p]

-ikat belon kt kaki then pchkan da other group pnye.

-tarik upih [alya sgt kuat tarik me one hand! heee=p]

-boling padang+carik sweets dlm tpung+kopek n mkn durian!
[even x mng pon suke sgt! dpt mkn durian byk gylee! heee=p]

-ade lg 1 games kot. but x igt daa. hahaa

okelaa.. xmaw ckp byk2. theres some pictures down here. tp sikit jee.. klw dpt pics laen from my frens nant i'll update again oke..

*ika,azhar,kiwan,alya n anyz
[groups theme;oren+hjau!]

*acara mkn2*
[gyle laju arr diorg mkn. heheee]

*anyz, kiwan, ika, alia n sally*

my actual attire is like this ------>>>>>

but then smpai sane dpt baju oren tue,

mmg da excited daa. chantek jee!

tp lengan pndek lak. so sarung jelaa..

dats y my attire looks pelik sikit.

hahahaaa =p

May 8, 2009


huhuu.. got my trials results daa.. but baru dpt costing n finance.
thank god, it such a relief that i get a good marks dis time.. time exams haritue criusly i was like, 'apelaa aku duk merepek nie..' mmg tawakal jelaa.. but mmg syukur sgt sgt sgt i pass with gud marks! alhamdulillah sgt sgt.. now waiting 4 my audit n T6 papers. isnin nie baru dpt results.. haaa, audit sgt merisaukan laa.. t6 pon samee. bile bncang2 jwpan, mcm byk jee salah.. haish.. i hope i'll pass those two papers too!
pray 4 me yeah peoples=)

adhoc decision=p

ahahaa... applying accounting terms. 1st time oh bwat=p
i thought tak blk dis week, nk bwat sejarah sket laa en, x blk on weekend hahaa.. then tetibe mydad called plak, then kate nk amek b4 lunch, so then pk2 agak lame jgak mase klas t10 td, then decide blk jelaa.. esk dtg blk arr uitm coz apacs sport's day n im involved together with k.kiwan, anyz, azhar, alia, sally n hadi. thats 4 our team laa..
team laen sgt ramai kot klw nk sebut pon. heheee.. waaa, x sabar! im pretty sure we gonna have sooo much fun! hope so! heeee.. i'll update about it a.s.a.p oke!
p/s: x rug amek cat, even ssh pon,
tp byk actvities yg besh! hahahaaa=p
n yeah.. lupe plak. td b4 blk umah went to shah alam mall first, check mata! coz lately pakai spec dlm klas mcm pening2 sket jee.. huhuuu..
then check2, my power naek laa jgak. but quite weird belah kanan jee naek. kiri elok jee maintain. hahahaa.. haiyoo.. need to cntrol my 'dpn laptop-tv' activity laaa lpasniee.. tanak naek lg! hahaaa=p

May 2, 2009


oh yes. since yesterday mcm nk tgk x-men pulak. mase kt sp x tgk, then peg as's house, abg die pon smangat nk tgk. lg laa me mcm nk tgk! hahaa.. then ckp ngan along, jom ar tgk x-men. die kate esk laa.. then pg td die kate mlm laa. adoii.. tape2.. pastue tgh besh layan 'along afiq n kak ana'[hlovate's], tetibe along msg, "siap2, nant lpas maghrib g mid, tgk x-men." yeay!! love u larh along! heeee=p. sampai sane around 8++ jgak laa.. then nk beli ticket, yg pkul 9, 9.30 da full, belilaa 10pm pnye show. tue pon dpt 5th seat dr dpan! adoyaii.. ramai rpenye org smangat tgk x-men. hahahaaa.. oke, dat story 'x-men origin:wolverine' was superb! love it! lansung x bosan+ngantuk. hope lpasnie ade yg cte psl storm ke plak. besh plak tgk sorg2 pnye hstory niee.. huhuuuu.. sape2 yg blom tgk, sile peg tgk cpat oke! hahahaa=)..

May 1, 2009

tagged lagiii=p

1.What have you been doing recently?
-bace bku hlovate! heee=p

2.Do you ever turn your cell phone off?
-yeap. kdg ldg..

3.What happened at 10am today?
-10 am eh? maen phne jap then tdo blk. hehehee=p

4.When did you last cry?
-alamak. crying ke? cant rmember meh.. huhuu

5.Believe in fate/destiny?
-ofcourse. i believe everything Allah destined 4 me must be a reason=)

6.What do you want in your life now?
-criusly i want to pass all my cat's papers, n graduate acca a.s.a.p.. huhuuu

7.Do you carry an umbrella when it rains or just put up your hood?
-if theres a hood, no need 4 umbrella laa kot=p

8.What’s your favourite thing to do on the bed?
-bace novel! or dgr lagu or maen game kt phone. heheee

9.What bottoms are you wearing now?

10.What’s the nicest things in your inbox?
-there's a 'hadis' of motivation from akram.
-really help a lot when im in stress. thanx pkcik!=)

11.Do you tend to make the relationship complicated?
-hahaa.. idk. simple better kot..

12.Are you wearing anything borrowed from anyone?
-not rite now..

13.What was the last movie you caught?
-the international kot. adoii.. suda lame rupnyee=p

14.What are you proud of?
-proud of my family n my groups of frens yg sgt sgt cool+besh+sporting=)
love u guys sgt sgt!

15.What does the oldest text msg in your inbox say?
-a forward msg..
"jika mrk sbuk mncari cinta, biarlah kta sbuk mncari iman,
jika mrk sbuk mcari psngan, biar kta sbuk mncari keredhaan,
jika mrk mnangis krn kecewa bercnta,biar kta mnangis krn mngenand dosa2 smalam,
jika mrk cntakan kemanusiaan, biar kta cintakan ALLAH s.w.t"
from: yalin on 3rd jun 08..

16.What was the last song you sang out loud?
cassie- long way to go

17.Do you have any nicknames?
ika, atikah, kakak, bdk kecik, boss..
use to be called chpsmore by yalin n sha jgak=p

18.What does the newest text say and from who?
from kak as last nite asking if ade t'tggal pen x kt her house..

20.Are you currently happy?
urm. so-so =p

21.Who gives you the best advise?
urm, dad, mum, n my bestfrens=)

22.Do you eat whipped cream straight from the can?
-huhuuu.. x pnah bwat lg=p

23.Who did you talk on the phone last night?
-no one. sbuk melayan cte hndustan. hahaaa=p

l24.Is something bugging you now?
-nope nope.

25.Who was the last person to make you laugh?
-bapak! hahaa.. adoii, berssh payah dgn die psg knci pntu baru=p

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