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May 8, 2009

adhoc decision=p

ahahaa... applying accounting terms. 1st time oh bwat=p
i thought tak blk dis week, nk bwat sejarah sket laa en, x blk on weekend hahaa.. then tetibe mydad called plak, then kate nk amek b4 lunch, so then pk2 agak lame jgak mase klas t10 td, then decide blk jelaa.. esk dtg blk arr uitm coz apacs sport's day n im involved together with k.kiwan, anyz, azhar, alia, sally n hadi. thats 4 our team laa..
team laen sgt ramai kot klw nk sebut pon. heheee.. waaa, x sabar! im pretty sure we gonna have sooo much fun! hope so! heeee.. i'll update about it a.s.a.p oke!
p/s: x rug amek cat, even ssh pon,
tp byk actvities yg besh! hahahaaa=p
n yeah.. lupe plak. td b4 blk umah went to shah alam mall first, check mata! coz lately pakai spec dlm klas mcm pening2 sket jee.. huhuuu..
then check2, my power naek laa jgak. but quite weird belah kanan jee naek. kiri elok jee maintain. hahahaa.. haiyoo.. need to cntrol my 'dpn laptop-tv' activity laaa lpasniee.. tanak naek lg! hahaaa=p


Anonymous said...

your p/s: tu bt i excited.

haikadove said...

hahaa.. bayaa, its dedicated to u larh then =p

asma said...

ahaha..kate x mo balik..congrats on ur result, dun worry too much n haf fub tomorroW!~
ah..n..jage mate ye sygg..nnti jd mcm kite..heheh...

asma said...

erk..rase mcm ade typo je td..ahahha..phm2 la yerk..