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January 31, 2009

picnic [1]

actually me n my exklasmates peg picnic tue last tuesday lg. but i already went back to uitm dat night, so x smpat nk write anything bout it. nie baru laa ade mase nk tulis. hehehee..

back to da topic. da picnic was sooooooo much fun! huhuuu.. firstly, they all dtg kmpul kt myhouse dulu.. ikut plan 9.am but then, almost 10am baru laa gerak.me,mira n nadh 1 keta, then noreen,dee n sarmila ikut aisha. mryam ngan em then faten wit thesdave.. tp then smpai kt tasik tue asing2. so, mira n em park kt area dpn pkns. tp aisha n thesdave park kt area dpn wetworld. hahaa.. jauh gylee kot.. lwn ckp agak lame dlm phone[em arh;p], atlast, aisha n thesdave mngalah, dtg kt tmpat ktorg. hahaa.. bgs bgs;p

after hbs bkak story sume kt tsik tue, lpas snap2 pics sume. we went to the 'haunted' house in sek12. cant remmber whose ideas at first yg nk sgt peg tgk. huhuu.. em lead the way, n then bile smpai, agak scary arr jgak dat house, tp nsb baek tgh2 hari, so mcm x tkut sgt laa;p.. after dat em bwk ktorg pusing pnyelaa jauh, skali stop kt sek9 jee, n stop kt tepi hutan. ktorg da pelik. then die turun, minx mkanan, ckp kt sini byk monyet!.. hahahahaa.. aiyooo, nk tgk mnyet, kt uitm pon slalu nmpak kot.. heheheee;p
then lpastue evryone mcm x puas lg hang out, so we decide to went 4 bowling. but sadly, mira cant join us.. so, me n nadh tuka naek keta em.. we went to p.a.s jelaa tmpat plg dkat.. luckily dpt 2lanes hjung skali.. maen dahlaa mcm lawak jee, bising plak tue. hahahaa.. then da besh part, bley plak jmpe pn nazim! hahaa.. ckgu, sy winduuu sgt! heeee xp.. so, ape lg, bwatlaa sesi bergmba jap ngan our BM teacher yg berjasa mmbuat kami dpt A dlm bm. hahahaaa;D..
after the game, we all decide to go home laa.. tp bley plak em salah jalan. hahaa.. so, kami dibawa berjalan-jalan ke sekolah lame beliau dan mryam dan juga ilyas. sek 6 kot? hahahaa.. jauh gylee berjalan.. tp im having soooo much fun dat day! thanx guys! mish u all sgt sgt sgt! n the others yg x dpt join us jgak. hope our next 'mini reunion' nant, lg ramai bley join. im thinking of inviting pn haslina too! bley kan kan? heeee xD
p/s ; pics nant i'll upload on 2nd entry. coz, pics byk kt nadh, em n aishaa... guyss, i want all those pictures plsss?? =)

January 25, 2009

think u're faster?

well, i got tagged by k.kiwan.. n yes. im faster! heheheee;p.. but niq lg laju arh.. heres my result ;

my first attemp:

45 words


168 points, so you achieved position 1016101 of 2046711 on the ranking list

You type 274 characters per minute
You have 45 correct words and
you have 3 wrong words

after a few attempts ;

219 points, so you achieved position 597552 of 2047612 on the ranking list

You type 305 characters per minute

You have 53 correct words

and you have 0 wrong words! yeah!;p

p/s ; i tagged sume yg bace this entry! heheee;D

January 24, 2009

mini reunion

well, tday we had a small unofficial reunion. it was fun! i mean, sgt sgt seronok!;D
pg2 td bgn n follow mymum peg her office. then lpak sane jap, while she had a meeting.
then around 11am camtue kak as text me ;

"5A'07, mini reunion.. ptg nie,shaaz pkul 5. pass the words arnd pls;)"

yeah. dats da msg i've been waiting 4 dis hldays! heheee.. then i spread the msg arnd to others classmates. zur'ain n ilyas reply dat they cant make it. so sad. mira pon not sure can make it or not coz shes not home dat time. then ptg tue, shiro amek me n as at as's house coz dat time mcm da ujan sket2. tp tapelaa, she drove. heheee;p.. then odw peg shaaz jmpe fatin, amek die skali laa.. even da dkat pon;p.. then kt shaaz, aisha n noreen da smpai dulu daa.. noreen looks different oke! her hair da pnjang n she looks a lil bit more feminine like dat even pakai shorts jee pon. hahahaa.. well, then the others dtg. it was fun sgt sgt! coz i didnt thought ramai plak dis time. slalu xlaa ramai sgt. well, heres the peoples who made my day ptg td.. heheheee;p

kak as, mira, pikachu(ssh gylee nk jmpe syg sorg nie taw. hahahaa), shiro, fatin,aishah,keshan, nadh, noreen(yg nie pon gylee lame laa x jmpe), feak, emran(he looks waayy too different! rmbut pon da pnjang. mule2 agak mcm x knal laa.. hehehee;p), dee(dee pon samee.. sgt sgt ssh laa nk jmpe! thnx 4 cming tday;D)
helmi n bijan pon ade jgak.

ramai lg yg tadee.. so mcm agak xbesh laa.. tp dats y its called mini reunion, sbb mmg ramai tadee pon. hehehee.. ktorg lpak agak lamee, tp sdey jee.. tak amek gmba plak. adoyy.. tuelaa, cte jee byk. mmg totally 4got laa bout nk snap pics. tp tapelaa.. it memorable kan? hahahaaa.. is it? hopefully laaa kan;p

hworks sepnjang masa..

back at home for 4days holidays! haihh.. 4days jee oke. bdk internal sume 1week, nant blk kolej sure sunyi jee.. luckily ktorg sume blik dkat2 da, so, taklaa rasee mcm sunyi sgt. well, 4days nie pon full with hwrks.. adoyy.. everyday ade jee hworks. rasee mcm back to skool jee! hahaaa.. nsb laa, i hope i wont have to repeat any papers. nk hbskan cpt! ngeeee;p.. pray4 me yeah;D

January 17, 2009

I love you ~ Barney

I love you,
You love me,
We're a happy family,
with a great big hug,
and a kiss from me to you,
Won't you say you love me TOO!

I love you,
You love me,
We're best friends like friends should be,
With a great big hug,
And a kiss from me to you,
Won't you say you love me too

my 3rd post in 1 night. huhuu.. nie namenyee mmg da sgt sgt busan laa nie.hehehee.. lamee daa x dgr lagu nie. chomel jee! n lame jgak da x tgk cte nieh. hahahaaa;p
What I've Learnt Today ?
editor : kasihsayang

"I've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow."

"I've learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you'll miss them when they're gone from your life."
"I've learned that making a 'living' is not the same thing as 'making a life'."

"I've learned that life sometimes gives you a second chance."

"I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw some things back."

"I've learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision."

"I've learned that even when I have pains, I don't have to be one."
"I've learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone."

"People love a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back."

"I've learned that I still have a lot to learn."
"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."


decision making xp ; audit n tax..

dis week kira bley kate 1st week jgak laa start klas. sbb last week klas pon start hari rabu. then 1st klas, sume lecturers briefing jee bout da subjects. nie da start klas mcm pnat laa pulak en. blk2 umah jee td mmg rasee katil laa menda pertama nk jmpe! ahahaa;p. oh yeah. actually nk cite bout my decision. am i making da right one? well, i hope dat i do;D

mase dftar klas last week, mmg i was mcm sgt sgt sgt cnfused whether nk amek audit or tax. yes, i think i do have interest in audit a lil bit more than tax but snce everyone else yg agak close with me xnk amek audit, i felt like macam, 'nape sume org xnk amek audit? sgt sgt ssh ke? xbesh ke?'. n yeah, i nearly gave up n made up my mind to change class to tax. but then, mymum called me. well, heres a lil bit of the cnversation yg i still mcm igt. hehehee;p

mum ; so, mcm mane? amek audit ke tax?

ika ; ntahlaa, kwn2 ika sume da tuka tax. diorg kate audit ssh..

mum ; alaa, amek je audit, sng jee..
(mase nie mmg mcm terkejut arr, sng jee? then nape laa sume snior, lecturers kte ssh? ngeeee)

ika ; tp nant kalau ssh mcm mane?

mum ; kalau mak, mak amek audit sbb mak lg suke audit. mak x suke tax. sbb tax mcm byk law sume2 nie kena hafal.

mum ; amek jee audit, kalau x paham, nant mak boleh tlg. sng jee audit nie. tp kalau ika amek tax, mak taleh tlg laa..

ika ; nape plak taleh?

mum ; sbb mak x suke tax.

hahahaaa.. kalau org dgr, mayb it just a smple cnversation yg biase biase jee.. but dat was really totally make up my mind, mcm lg smangat laa nk amek audit, xnk dgr ckp org laen daa, org nk ckp ssh ke ape kee, slagi x cube x tawu kan? n i do take cat dulu pon sbb mymum n i've never regret it but thankful coz i do made da right choice, so i take audit on her advice too larh. heheheee;p.

January 11, 2009


a week in kolej had been quite fun. i admit, at first was a lil bit awkward since da tuka roomates n i didnt get along with them well in last sem. well, then later i find dat they were pretty much sporting, interesting. so, i can suit myself larh. oke, enough bout my roomates.
actually tday mcm suddenly mish my exclassmates time f5 dulu sgt sgt sgt. so i search for videos made by one of my classmates dulu. tgk blk besh plak.. rinduu korg sume oh~!

this is the 1st one..

yg nie smbungan die;p

p/s; thanx to susu 4 making dis. i miss them sooo sooo much! hope we got the chance to hang out again!;D

January 3, 2009


tomorrow, i'll be going back to uitm again.. aaaaa.. malasnyeee!;p
im gonna mish lots of things here. especially my e-novels! hahahaa.. dats my routine during dis holidays, everyday on9 read novels kt blogs org. gonna mish all dat, nk tawu smbungan die.. huhuu..
but, bgs jgak arh sbb nant blk weekend, sure da update, so tadelaa ternant-nanti lg. hahaa..
n yeah. im gonna mish u sooooooo afzan! snce u move to kl, then mscow.. ssh gylee nk cntact en. just lately we get the chance to ym everyday. but lpsnie kena tnggu weekend jelaa dear. its oke laa.. i will be home every week! nant blk jee kte smbang pnjang2 oke! nsb laa umah ngan uitm tue dkat sgt sgt! tadelaa homesick! hahahaa..
well, im a lil bit excited nk start sem blk. but a lil bit sdey coz kena bgn awal2 pg daa lpas niee.. taley tdo lmbat2 daa.. haihh.. my blog, i will update real soon! as soon as i do have something interesthing to be shared! hehehee.. cioz;D