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January 24, 2009

mini reunion

well, tday we had a small unofficial reunion. it was fun! i mean, sgt sgt seronok!;D
pg2 td bgn n follow mymum peg her office. then lpak sane jap, while she had a meeting.
then around 11am camtue kak as text me ;

"5A'07, mini reunion.. ptg nie,shaaz pkul 5. pass the words arnd pls;)"

yeah. dats da msg i've been waiting 4 dis hldays! heheee.. then i spread the msg arnd to others classmates. zur'ain n ilyas reply dat they cant make it. so sad. mira pon not sure can make it or not coz shes not home dat time. then ptg tue, shiro amek me n as at as's house coz dat time mcm da ujan sket2. tp tapelaa, she drove. heheee;p.. then odw peg shaaz jmpe fatin, amek die skali laa.. even da dkat pon;p.. then kt shaaz, aisha n noreen da smpai dulu daa.. noreen looks different oke! her hair da pnjang n she looks a lil bit more feminine like dat even pakai shorts jee pon. hahahaa.. well, then the others dtg. it was fun sgt sgt! coz i didnt thought ramai plak dis time. slalu xlaa ramai sgt. well, heres the peoples who made my day ptg td.. heheheee;p

kak as, mira, pikachu(ssh gylee nk jmpe syg sorg nie taw. hahahaa), shiro, fatin,aishah,keshan, nadh, noreen(yg nie pon gylee lame laa x jmpe), feak, emran(he looks waayy too different! rmbut pon da pnjang. mule2 agak mcm x knal laa.. hehehee;p), dee(dee pon samee.. sgt sgt ssh laa nk jmpe! thnx 4 cming tday;D)
helmi n bijan pon ade jgak.

ramai lg yg tadee.. so mcm agak xbesh laa.. tp dats y its called mini reunion, sbb mmg ramai tadee pon. hehehee.. ktorg lpak agak lamee, tp sdey jee.. tak amek gmba plak. adoyy.. tuelaa, cte jee byk. mmg totally 4got laa bout nk snap pics. tp tapelaa.. it memorable kan? hahahaaa.. is it? hopefully laaa kan;p


k i w a n said...

kte nye reunion lg besh ! ;p
u've been tagged !

sakura said...

best2!~ i'll totally miss this day alrite, hands down.. =p
psstt..i'm thinking of starting up a blog too?wahahah..

haikadove said...

k.kiwan ; ours pon besh jgak!! xp

kak as ; yes yes! sile laa bwat cpt. mari berblogging yeah. ahahaaa;D