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January 17, 2009

decision making xp ; audit n tax..

dis week kira bley kate 1st week jgak laa start klas. sbb last week klas pon start hari rabu. then 1st klas, sume lecturers briefing jee bout da subjects. nie da start klas mcm pnat laa pulak en. blk2 umah jee td mmg rasee katil laa menda pertama nk jmpe! ahahaa;p. oh yeah. actually nk cite bout my decision. am i making da right one? well, i hope dat i do;D

mase dftar klas last week, mmg i was mcm sgt sgt sgt cnfused whether nk amek audit or tax. yes, i think i do have interest in audit a lil bit more than tax but snce everyone else yg agak close with me xnk amek audit, i felt like macam, 'nape sume org xnk amek audit? sgt sgt ssh ke? xbesh ke?'. n yeah, i nearly gave up n made up my mind to change class to tax. but then, mymum called me. well, heres a lil bit of the cnversation yg i still mcm igt. hehehee;p

mum ; so, mcm mane? amek audit ke tax?

ika ; ntahlaa, kwn2 ika sume da tuka tax. diorg kate audit ssh..

mum ; alaa, amek je audit, sng jee..
(mase nie mmg mcm terkejut arr, sng jee? then nape laa sume snior, lecturers kte ssh? ngeeee)

ika ; tp nant kalau ssh mcm mane?

mum ; kalau mak, mak amek audit sbb mak lg suke audit. mak x suke tax. sbb tax mcm byk law sume2 nie kena hafal.

mum ; amek jee audit, kalau x paham, nant mak boleh tlg. sng jee audit nie. tp kalau ika amek tax, mak taleh tlg laa..

ika ; nape plak taleh?

mum ; sbb mak x suke tax.

hahahaaa.. kalau org dgr, mayb it just a smple cnversation yg biase biase jee.. but dat was really totally make up my mind, mcm lg smangat laa nk amek audit, xnk dgr ckp org laen daa, org nk ckp ssh ke ape kee, slagi x cube x tawu kan? n i do take cat dulu pon sbb mymum n i've never regret it but thankful coz i do made da right choice, so i take audit on her advice too larh. heheheee;p.


kak kiwan ;p said...


haikadove said...

hahaa.. audit jgak~!!xp

sakura said...

wahaha...congrats on ur decision..good luck in audit..everything happen for a reason, rite? ;p

M Y Zay said...

I know you made a right decision my dear girl...
Stay on and you will never regret it!!!