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January 3, 2009


tomorrow, i'll be going back to uitm again.. aaaaa.. malasnyeee!;p
im gonna mish lots of things here. especially my e-novels! hahahaa.. dats my routine during dis holidays, everyday on9 read novels kt blogs org. gonna mish all dat, nk tawu smbungan die.. huhuu..
but, bgs jgak arh sbb nant blk weekend, sure da update, so tadelaa ternant-nanti lg. hahaa..
n yeah. im gonna mish u sooooooo afzan! snce u move to kl, then mscow.. ssh gylee nk cntact en. just lately we get the chance to ym everyday. but lpsnie kena tnggu weekend jelaa dear. its oke laa.. i will be home every week! nant blk jee kte smbang pnjang2 oke! nsb laa umah ngan uitm tue dkat sgt sgt! tadelaa homesick! hahahaa..
well, im a lil bit excited nk start sem blk. but a lil bit sdey coz kena bgn awal2 pg daa lpas niee.. taley tdo lmbat2 daa.. haihh.. my blog, i will update real soon! as soon as i do have something interesthing to be shared! hehehee.. cioz;D