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December 10, 2009


though keep on revising f5. but still, felt like im not covering anything. adoyy..
tlglaaa~ somebody help me. mcm manee nk bg sume menda yg dibace msuk kedlm otak nie?=(
on one view, people will think us were luckier, as we dont have to do any assignments. yes we dont. but imagine, it was like our school time, everything depends on ur final exams. n u have to struggle all da way to be test in 3hours paper. n theres no such thing as carry mark. yes. we are 'lucky' aite?

emosi x stable. tlglaaa hbs cepat exams niee. n tlglaaa hbs a.s.a.p acca nie. dun wanna repeat any of da paper. x snggup kot bace da same thing all over again =p

kiwan ckp ; tanak repeat because i have to pay hundreds of pounds for EACH paper =p

*do ignore da grammar mistakes pls=p


Lady Shukriyah said...

u'll get through.


sume kwn2 ku tensi na exam.


Blogger Girl ;) said...

Bahagianya hidop xde assignments!! =p

haikadove said...

shuk ; hahaa.. thanx=)
zikay ; bahagia sgt~! tp nk finals mcm skt jiwa gak arr =p

afiqawe said...

all the best!

pulun habiss2an revise tu...

then, melangkah ke exam dgn doa & tawakkal.

muhsin izhar said...

good luck!!

haikadove said...

afiq ; insyaAllah, will do=D
muhsin ; thanx=))

k i w a n said...

setuju setuju! say yes to assignments!

ika.please tambah. tanak repeat because i have to pay hundreds of pounds for EACH paper!

goodluck syg! x)

haikadove said...

hahaa.. thanx k.kiwan=D
yup yup. boley ditmbah tue.
in pounds pulak kot. ngeee=p