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December 17, 2009


bestfriends. a simple word with deep meaning if we really appreciate them. i came across this picture and i thought of posting an entry bout it. are we really have all that in friendship?
sometimes, a friend could suddenly become ur enemy just for a simple reason n u might not expected dat ur greatest enemy might become ur closest fren. im not referring to anyone, so no offence people. im just feel like writing it. someone told me before, no matter how far we are, u'll always be my fren oke. yeah. we do hope so. but how do we assure it?

i've seen sooo many types of frens. those who keep their promise n those who didnt. though its not happening to me. but dis thing happens around me. i've seen people hurts left by a fren n i could say its  hurt more than being left by ur love one. someone u trust, n u always turns to atlast turns their back on you. sometime, they just didnt realise it. u think that person betrayed on you while the truth is, u're the one who left them. its not impossible. its life. n its karma. u did it once, just wait for ur turn. ahaha. suddenly i felt like my post were filled with anger pulak.

but there are some people that keep their promise. someone dat u can always turn to n will always be there. its not the matter of who make a move n tried to text, call or anything. its about how did the other response. dats what we called friendship forever. sometimes, we dont need to text with each other everyday, just once in a while to let they know that we'll never forget them. yes. u have other commitments. u'll be busy with ur own life, ur love one, studies, n ur new frens. but it takes just a minute to send 'have a good day' to ur old fren oke=)

"make new friends, but keep the old.
one is silver and the other is gold=)"


Lady Shukriyah said...

i luv my gurlfrens!!!!


frens stick 2getha no mtter wut.


missing my frens!!!!

Asmayanti Awang said...

waaa...nice entry sis.
do i have all the qualities from A to Z?hehe..
relationship is one complex thing after all..

Fathini said...

suke post ini!

yUhAyNeEz said...

ika... :(
kte rse nk nangis bce entry awk.. :'(
wish everything was ok...

haikadove said...

erk.anyz. mmg laa kte post nie emo sikit.
tp tadelaa smpai nk bwat org nangis.
dun worry dear. everythings will be oke=)