What i write is a part of me, mylife and my thoughts. It may be different from what u thought I am. But this is me and oh, THANKS for dropping by ;))

November 30, 2008


today was really fun! why? sbb dpt maen kompang![again! hehehee]
i think almost 1year daa x maen kot. thanx mama coz ajak ktorg maen!
rndu gyle nk maen n rndu gyle nk jmpe korg sume!
eventhough rasee bersalah gak coz sbnarnye i need to study, tp its my last chance kot nk maen kan, mane bley miss! ehehee;p
nway, its even memorable becoz i met my oldfren! syazreen! oh, mish her sgt sgt sgt!
huhuuu.. we used to be sooo close mase kecik2 dulu, n then when she moved, da lost cntact.
then dis year, she moved back here in our neighbourhood![even umah dye jauh sket from mine;p]. well, mayb we're not dat close anymore, but still, it feels sooo good when we met again! ;D

November 29, 2008


K.kiwan tagged me!;p

Seven Things That You Dislike the Most:
1. pressure.
2. vegetables.
3. waiting [klw sgt2 lame laa;p]
4. org emo2 x pasal2;p
5. kebusanan.
6. get angry.[sbb sgt tension nant;p]
7. taley tdo. hahaa

Seven Things You Like the Most:
1. family n friends;)
2. sms.
3. sleep!
4. maen kompang;D
5. myspace;p
6. driving[even x brani sgt;p]
7. this smiley - ;p

Seven Important Things In Your Room:
1. my bed ofcourse
2. my teddy kecik;p
3. telekung
4. clothes
5. nightlamp
6. novels?[sket jee;p]
7. my rooms x byk menda larh.. hahaa

Seven Random Facts About You:
1. love to laugh.
2. i love kompang!;p
3. frenly kadang2 jee.. hehee
4. i cant swim;p
5. kalau marah, sgtlaa sekejap.
6. sgt suke ice lemon tea[plg sng nk order;p]
7. i luv springs![even x pnah merase. hahahaa]

Seven Things You Plan to Do Before You Die:
1. made my parents proud of me
2. taubat n jd muslimah berjaya dunia akhirat;D
3. peg mekkah. insyaAllah.
4. dpt my ACCA, jd accntant or auditor tername!;p
5. minx maaf kt sume org dat i knew.
6. get married with sum1 i love mayb.
7. spend time with all my beloved peoples;)

Seven Things You Find Attractive in the Opposite Sex:
1. smile;)
2. personality.
3. agama;)
4. his brains.. huhuu
5. guys with vision.
6. sweet talker.[ oke, sumtimes it works;p]
7. who knows how to treat girls well.

Seven Celebrity Crushes: [this hard. coz i hardly know their names;p]
1. zizan nin! hahaa.. sgt suke tgk dye..
2. tom cruise dlm mssion impossible;D
3. justin timberlake
4. jesse mccartney
5. [i add later bley? hahahaa;p]

Tagging :
1. k.kiwan <>
2. anyz
3. arep
4. u! the one who read dis;p

November 26, 2008

happy birthday afzan!;)


today my sister's b'day! well, a lil bit sad coz she's faaaarr awwaayy in moscow. all i can do just text her to wish her bday.. but that doesnt matter coz wuteva it is, she's still my sis and will always be;)

November 25, 2008

A blogger now?;p

Finally i did it jgak.. k.kiwan laa nie yg influenced me to do this;p..
well, actually im not into blogging sgt..
but then td da busan sgt stdy p5.. tetibe thought of nk bwat blog larh.
so here i am. a blogger now? hehee..

today, nothing much happen. pg2 bangun dpt msg from nina..
ajak peg branch. huhuu. then at 10+ she pick me up.
round2 around ttdi try to find intersting place to eat but we cant decide.
lastly, we just went to anjung selera jee;p
then mase ckp2 ngan nina, i didnt know how but then kluar topic management.
since she's taking b.mngement, so theres some topics yg ktorg same.
and guess what, she solve my problems to understand all the 'theorist' wuteva tue..
huhuu.. she gave her notes n explain it to me.. thanx nina! luvyaa dear!;)