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November 29, 2008


K.kiwan tagged me!;p

Seven Things That You Dislike the Most:
1. pressure.
2. vegetables.
3. waiting [klw sgt2 lame laa;p]
4. org emo2 x pasal2;p
5. kebusanan.
6. get angry.[sbb sgt tension nant;p]
7. taley tdo. hahaa

Seven Things You Like the Most:
1. family n friends;)
2. sms.
3. sleep!
4. maen kompang;D
5. myspace;p
6. driving[even x brani sgt;p]
7. this smiley - ;p

Seven Important Things In Your Room:
1. my bed ofcourse
2. my teddy kecik;p
3. telekung
4. clothes
5. nightlamp
6. novels?[sket jee;p]
7. my rooms x byk menda larh.. hahaa

Seven Random Facts About You:
1. love to laugh.
2. i love kompang!;p
3. frenly kadang2 jee.. hehee
4. i cant swim;p
5. kalau marah, sgtlaa sekejap.
6. sgt suke ice lemon tea[plg sng nk order;p]
7. i luv springs![even x pnah merase. hahahaa]

Seven Things You Plan to Do Before You Die:
1. made my parents proud of me
2. taubat n jd muslimah berjaya dunia akhirat;D
3. peg mekkah. insyaAllah.
4. dpt my ACCA, jd accntant or auditor tername!;p
5. minx maaf kt sume org dat i knew.
6. get married with sum1 i love mayb.
7. spend time with all my beloved peoples;)

Seven Things You Find Attractive in the Opposite Sex:
1. smile;)
2. personality.
3. agama;)
4. his brains.. huhuu
5. guys with vision.
6. sweet talker.[ oke, sumtimes it works;p]
7. who knows how to treat girls well.

Seven Celebrity Crushes: [this hard. coz i hardly know their names;p]
1. zizan nin! hahaa.. sgt suke tgk dye..
2. tom cruise dlm mssion impossible;D
3. justin timberlake
4. jesse mccartney
5. [i add later bley? hahahaa;p]

Tagging :
1. k.kiwan <>
2. anyz
3. arep
4. u! the one who read dis;p


afiqawe said...

celebrity k-4 tu afiq kan?

hehehe... ;p