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November 30, 2008


today was really fun! why? sbb dpt maen kompang![again! hehehee]
i think almost 1year daa x maen kot. thanx mama coz ajak ktorg maen!
rndu gyle nk maen n rndu gyle nk jmpe korg sume!
eventhough rasee bersalah gak coz sbnarnye i need to study, tp its my last chance kot nk maen kan, mane bley miss! ehehee;p
nway, its even memorable becoz i met my oldfren! syazreen! oh, mish her sgt sgt sgt!
huhuuu.. we used to be sooo close mase kecik2 dulu, n then when she moved, da lost cntact.
then dis year, she moved back here in our neighbourhood![even umah dye jauh sket from mine;p]. well, mayb we're not dat close anymore, but still, it feels sooo good when we met again! ;D