What i write is a part of me, mylife and my thoughts. It may be different from what u thought I am. But this is me and oh, THANKS for dropping by ;))

January 31, 2010


suke lagu nie since 1st time dgr. today byk kali pulak dgr. tibe2 rase mcm nk post sini =p

Melly Goeslaw feat. Amee – Ketika Cinta Bertasbih

Bertuturlah cinta mengucap satu nama

Seindah goresan sabda-Mu dalam kitabku

Cinta yang bertasbih mengutus hati ini

Ku sandarkan hidup dan matiku pada-Mu


Bisikkan doaku dalam butiran tasbih

Ku panjatkan pintaku pada Maha Cinta

Sudah diubun-ubun cinta mengusik rasa

Tak bisa ku paksa walau hatiku menjerit


Ketika cinta bertasbih nadiku berdenyut merdu

Kembang kempis dadaku merangkai butir cinta

Garis tangan tergambar tak bisa aku menentang

Sujud syukur pada-Mu atas segala cinta

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Garis tangan tergambar tak bisa aku menentang

Sujud syukur pada-Mu atas segala cinta

Ketika cinta bertasbih

cerita smnggu sudah

date ; 23-24 jan 2010
venue ; the woods, ulu yam
occassion ; mingle-mingle in the park 18

huhuu. da 1week, baru nk blogging en. isk isk. lame laa ika =p
nothing much to share. just nk cerita bout da camp. it just 2days n 1nite camping. but the schedule were full! mayb sbb x lame kot. then mcm mcm nk buat. quite pnat laa. tue pon supposely ade lg games yg diorg nk buat tp x smpat daa.. hehehee.

oke. for da 1st time i got the chance to be a faci. eh kejap, bukan faci. i was a helper jee. cewah. mcm sdey jee bunyi. hahaa. tp actually besh. sbb bley buli org time games! ;p

the activities conducted rasenyee mcm mmg fun! especially the war games. hahaa. though sakit gyle jatuh. crius x tipu. tp it was fun. so all the pain x terase sgt. cewah. n jungle traking pon seronok sgt! lamee da x masuk hutan nie. then dpt duk blakang pulak. dkat ngan pakcik yg conduct tue, so byk laa cerita dpt dgr. byk tips jgak die bg. besh! luckily kena 1 je pacat. darah bersih sgt kot? hahahaa. oke perasan gila ;p

conclusionnya nk bitaw peg camping mmg besh! hahaa. next week ade introcamp kresma buat. dekat perak rasenye. masuk gua. gila adventure n sgt menarik! tp malangnyee saye xkan peg ats sbb2 tertentu =p. zikay ajak peg yg gunung pulak. haaa mcm menarik kan? tapee, kita fikirkan dulu btol btol. heheheee ;p..

utk gmba2. sila laa lihat facebook

January 22, 2010


life will never so easy.
u'll have ur ups and downs.
dont forget what others had sacrifice for you.
there will be time when u're down n u'll turn to them again.
but if u keep on leaving them when u're up, will they still be there?
u asked for loyalty but do u give the same in return?
we cant be perfect bcoz HE the only that is perfect.
but cant u just face ur mistake and admit it.
maybe everything would be much easier then.

does it really matter to hold a grudge over a silly arguments?
dont blame others when u are the one to blame.
poeple said. forgiving is the best way of revenge.
cant u just do that? do u really proud to say thay u have an enemy?

just want to update myblog
may look depressing. but its not.
just something me and a fren of mine talk about.

writing without correcting anything.
so. sorry for the grammar's error =)

January 15, 2010

sem baru. sume pon baru.

1st week of new sem. tiring yet soooo boring! hahahaa =p

registration uitm+college. ngeee. setiap kaunter kena marah. adoyaii. bkn slh ktorg oke tade borg. da mmg kt web tue jee yg ade;(
and alhamdulillah dpt seroja! yeay! dekat jee ngan fac. tapiiii. da mcm duk zoo pulak kt situ. hahahaa.. baru 1/2 day da jmpe pnduduk tetap [monyet]. baru je melepaskan lelah kt katil. japg tibe2 nmpak ade menda bergayut kt tngkap. " sally.... ade monyet?! ". ape lg.. due2 cabut lari arr. g blik jiran. hahahaa. tahulaa ktorg pndatang baru en. tibe2 kena serang daa. huhuu. tapelaa. new experience. cewah =p

my roomates ; sally. baby. put. ann. kak wani.
roomates x rasmi ; yazi. maton. hahahaa. sbb diorg asyik lepak bilik ktorg jee ;p.. so far oke jee. put, ann n kak wani were seniors. but they cool! sempoi jee. layan jee ktorg. hehehe.

class registration pulak. myfren nk peg pkul 8! gyle awal. but then 8.40 gaklaa baru ktorg gerak. coz anyz ckp start at 10. so mcm lepak laa. japg smpai menara. gyle pnjang daa beratur. n seperti biase. kami cut-line. hehehee.. tradisi tuee. n sorry laa nk ckp. i think dis time yg plg sesak skali 4 registration. criusly! tak pnah kot jammed time amek borg.. n x pnah kot smpai tade line lnsung! mcm nk pengsan je kt tgh lautan manusia tuee. huhuu..

went to alam sentral with da girls. kiwan. haja. anyz. utk cerita lanjut. sila lawati kiwan's.
sebab nk meal free. semangat diorg bwkkan baju merah for me. heheee =D

mlm tue went to kuliah maghrib. agak kagum kejap. sbb kt seroja en. ramai gyle yg dtg! huhuu. yelaa. dulu kt melati. ramai jgak laa. tp x laa smpai mcm nie. bgs mereka2 nie. then after kuliah, cpat2 siap coz nk peg pusat sukan. byg dalam otak mcm dekat jee. skali jalan. ngeee. jauh gyle! huhuu. tp jalan ramai2. tak terase sgt laa. baru je masuk bout 5-10mins. skali da hbs! hahaaa. tapelaa. bgs jgak. tak larat pon nk exercise. dtg nk kupon je. hehehee. then jalan lg blk seroja pulak. pergh. gyle tiring!

semangat jee bgn awal pg sbb ade klas law. skali peg. bley lak sir tue lupe en die ade klas. 9.30 baru die masuk! then klas ptg plak cancel. pn mira ade talk kt kl. so another boring day! criusly. since buku pon tade. hw pon tade. internet pon tade. bygkan laa kami duk kt bilik jee. isk isk. smpai 1 of my fren ckp.

' ika.. crius rase mcm nk nangis oh.' 'nape pulak?' 'sebab tak tawu nk buat ape. da busan sgt dlm bilik.' ' fiqa. pnjam berus basuh baju ' ' awak nk basuh baju?!! apsal? ' ' sebab da bosan sgt. tade keja. '

ahahaa. ksian kan kan? ptg tue peg kresma. jalan kaki lg. pergh. everyweek mcm nie. mmg boley kurus! =p

mlm tue buat suprise for haja's bday! happy belated birthday dear! =))

again. klas tadee. n utk summary. saye tak blaja ape2 mnggu nie! ngeee.
mnggu yg memenatkan+membosankan! so decide blk ngan kiwan jee tgh hari td.
n here i am. duk umah lg seronok! boley kacau luna. boley blogging. boley online. boley tgk cite. n yang pasti. tak kebosanan. hahahaa ;p

January 6, 2010


ahah. saye da dpt 'budak' baru! hehehee.
well. if u do read my prev. posts. sure tawu 'bdk' tue sape.
cant avoid it. still keep calling her bdk.
lgpon da mmg btol. baby lg. =p

da new budak kecik in our house. sgt kecik+sgt bising! hehehee
tapi tapee. yg penting maintain cute mcm tuan die. kan luna kan? hahahaa=p

January 4, 2010

Happiness comes from spiritual wealth, not material wealth.
Happiness comes from giving, not getting.
If we try hard to bring happiness to others, we cannot stop it from coming to us also.
To get joy, we must give it, and to keep joy, we must scatter it.
.John Templeton.

Whatever you do, you need courage.
Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong.
There are always difficulties arising that tempt you to believe your critics are right.
To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires some of the same courage that a soldier needs.
Peace has its victories, but it takes brave men and women to win them.
.Ralph Waldo Emerson.

January 2, 2010


venue ; chamek kopitiam.

sudaa lamee x jmpe kak kiwan! rinduuu! hehehee. n yeah. dis da last day with kak as. she'll be flying to padjadjaran[btol ke eja?;p] tonite. sedey jee. surely gonna mish u much! take care sis! love u zillion2
oh pastue en. terserempak laa ngan sorg bdk niee en. ktorg masing nmpak die mcm..
'eh. tue bukan A**** ke??' tp die mcm buat tak tawu jee. terus klua jee kdai. isk isk isk. tak patut tak patut. dahlaa sume org wondering psl die. huhuuu. tapelaaa.. org da xnk jmpe kte en kak as. nk buat mcm mane. cewah. bajet sedey jee. hahaaa ;p

*oh thanx to you for ruining my day,
but sorry u just failed to take away
my smile =)

a gud start for a new year =)

alaaa. i wanted to do this as 1.1.10 pnye entry. tp smpai uma td pon daa pkul 12. da missed da day=(. huhuu.. tape tape. yg penting i had soooo much fun today! sygggg semua yg terlibat!=D

berjumpa classmates 5A'07
venue : syaz's hommie!=)
foods : mee rebus+laksa [fully sponsored by syaz;p]
attendance ; syaz. ika. as. fatin. mayam. nadh. shiro. ilyas. fikri. keshan. thesdave.
special appearance ; pn khairiah =D

at first mcm konon2 laa kan nk peg awal. nk tlg2 laa syaz en. yelaaa. ktorg sbuk2 nk buat dat occassion. tibe2 die jee yg kena prepare2 en. criusly thanx a lot syaz! syggg awk byk byk! hehehee. oke smbung cerita. then mydad gune keta g smayang jmaat pulak. n i still x siap pon nk gerak en. so, changed the plan. lpas tue baru peg. dlm 2 lebey jgak laa. alaa, peg pon tade org lg. fatin kate nk dtg awal. tp xde pon! hehehee.

then around 3, dave, keshan n ilyas smpai. then baru yg laen2 smpai. we invited pn nazim, pn haslina n pn khairiah too. but then pn nazim ckp die kena pi subang. taley laa dtg. pn haslina ckp nk dtg, but she still in KL, kalau smpat die join laa. ktorg suro shiro tarik jgak mak die dtg! hehehee. sowieee ckgu. memaksa pulak en =)

tak ramai pun yang ade. but its oke. yg penting we had fun. though the more, the merrier. but da tak boley dtg. nk buat mcm mane en. i missed talking to them, laughing out loud like everything that came out from their mouth really will make me laugh. it just it. mayb because we had known each other since we were really young. and fatin made statement that i really love today. hahahaa. she said 'at tak pernah nampak kebudak-budakan kt mata kita' . n i was like terkedu kejap. hahhaa.. no one ever said that to me. cayalah fatin. sygg awk selaluu kak fatin! ;p

lpas blk uma syaz tue. nadh ckp die nk peg giant. pastu sume pakat sibuk nk ikut! hahaaa. so, me, as, fatin n myam pon join laa sekaki. though i really dun have anything in mind to buy;p. omg. mmg full gylee laa tmpat tue. dats y i dun like public holiday! peg mane mane pon sesak. padahal giant jee kot. cewah ;p..

watch avatar bersama arep!=D
venue ; sunway piramid

oke. i know ramai yg da tgk cite nie. i was like mcm lmbat laa nk cite pon. tak kisahlaa. nk cite jgak! hahaaa. i like da story! criusly do. taappiii. tak sukee die pnye avatar tue. hahaa. their face mcm scary! hehee. but i love the 'ikran' ;p

it just show how selfish people are. they just want something for their own goods by ignoring others pain. u want something from others that obviously not yours. but then when they refuse to cooperate, u just claimed 'war'?! huh. u dont even have the right on that oke. tade maknenyee nk serang2. oke. teremo kejap. hahaaa.

then mase klua tue. ade 1 girl nie jln sblah me. die dgn kuatnyee bercerita laa en
'weyh. mamat seblah aku tuee busuk gyle oke! criusly!'
i ngan arep da mcm pndang each other n burst out our laugh. ye arh. org laen klua sbuk comment cerita tue. die peg comment org seblah pulaknyee. dahtue mcm nk canang 1 sp tue bagi dgr cite die. hehehee ;p

i really really had fun today! thanx to all yg terlibat yee. syggg anda semua!
my new year starts with a gud one. how about u? =)

p/s ; kte tade byk pic laa dlm myphone. sape ade. sila laa bg yee ;p

*waaa. mcm bangga kejap.
berjaya daa buat essay!
hahahaa ;p