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January 22, 2010


life will never so easy.
u'll have ur ups and downs.
dont forget what others had sacrifice for you.
there will be time when u're down n u'll turn to them again.
but if u keep on leaving them when u're up, will they still be there?
u asked for loyalty but do u give the same in return?
we cant be perfect bcoz HE the only that is perfect.
but cant u just face ur mistake and admit it.
maybe everything would be much easier then.

does it really matter to hold a grudge over a silly arguments?
dont blame others when u are the one to blame.
poeple said. forgiving is the best way of revenge.
cant u just do that? do u really proud to say thay u have an enemy?

just want to update myblog
may look depressing. but its not.
just something me and a fren of mine talk about.

writing without correcting anything.
so. sorry for the grammar's error =)


k i w a n said...

"does it really matter to hold a grudge over a silly arguments?"

I agree with it. some may keep it to themselves but some may express it in a wrong way. I love it when we keep it to ourselves,so that we dont blame others. if we express it in a wrong way,thats what we call it revenge.

love the post. thanks for posting it. it opens my mind a bit about what life offers us. :)

haikadove said...

yeah. sometimes its best to just keep it to ourself ;p

n now reading it back, rase mcm lawak jee.
byk kot grammar mstakes =p

Lady Shukriyah said...

i luv holding grudge over silly matters.
just me.
mayb wen we luv dem 2 much.
it hurts wen dey hurt us.
n 4 d other gal.
she gave me n my mate lyke hell of tyme.
it's juz fair enuff.
bt im thinking of starting over our rlationship.
n i hope she doesnt blow dis 1.
cuz there r no 2nd chances wif me.

k i w a n said...

who cares. Its your blog! Bukan english lesson,no one can marah you because of the grammar mistakes.:P
Kte pun ade grammar mistakes,tapi kesah ape org nak cakap ape pun kan? :)

haikadove said...

hahaa.. mmg laa org x mara.. tp bile bace blk mcm kelakar laa pulak =p

f.a.d.z.i.e.l.a. said...

" forgiving is the best way of revenge "

I agree..we need to do dat or we'll never be able to move forward..life is too short to go on hating on someone..so stay cool..forgive but never forget ◕‿◕