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November 25, 2008

A blogger now?;p

Finally i did it jgak.. k.kiwan laa nie yg influenced me to do this;p..
well, actually im not into blogging sgt..
but then td da busan sgt stdy p5.. tetibe thought of nk bwat blog larh.
so here i am. a blogger now? hehee..

today, nothing much happen. pg2 bangun dpt msg from nina..
ajak peg branch. huhuu. then at 10+ she pick me up.
round2 around ttdi try to find intersting place to eat but we cant decide.
lastly, we just went to anjung selera jee;p
then mase ckp2 ngan nina, i didnt know how but then kluar topic management.
since she's taking b.mngement, so theres some topics yg ktorg same.
and guess what, she solve my problems to understand all the 'theorist' wuteva tue..
huhuu.. she gave her notes n explain it to me.. thanx nina! luvyaa dear!;)


Benz said...

hoho, nice 1!! jom kite blog same2. weee~

afiqawe said...


ada blog tak btau ye...

selamat ber-blogging ye Ikah...