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December 22, 2009


sunday, 20th
activities ; bersama dgn kompang's family=)

i've always called them family since before coz we do called some of us by a nick such as mama,mummy,papa,atuk, baby n me myself was called kakak. kdg2 sebb da terbiase. smpai sekarang pon pggil mcmtue. we rarely met[dlm setahun sekali?;p] but when we do, tade nk rase segan ke ape ke. i like da feeling being around them.. haritue pon dpt jmpe sbb kakak wanie kawin. n we had another event this weekend. i'd love to go [ insyaAllah kalau tade halangan=) ]

actually i want to upload the pics for all 3days mentioned. tp...
tnggu laa.. i'll have to wait till i get all da pics i wanted. hehehee;p