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January 11, 2009


a week in kolej had been quite fun. i admit, at first was a lil bit awkward since da tuka roomates n i didnt get along with them well in last sem. well, then later i find dat they were pretty much sporting, interesting. so, i can suit myself larh. oke, enough bout my roomates.
actually tday mcm suddenly mish my exclassmates time f5 dulu sgt sgt sgt. so i search for videos made by one of my classmates dulu. tgk blk besh plak.. rinduu korg sume oh~!

this is the 1st one..

yg nie smbungan die;p

p/s; thanx to susu 4 making dis. i miss them sooo sooo much! hope we got the chance to hang out again!;D