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January 31, 2009

picnic [1]

actually me n my exklasmates peg picnic tue last tuesday lg. but i already went back to uitm dat night, so x smpat nk write anything bout it. nie baru laa ade mase nk tulis. hehehee..

back to da topic. da picnic was sooooooo much fun! huhuuu.. firstly, they all dtg kmpul kt myhouse dulu.. ikut plan 9.am but then, almost 10am baru laa gerak.me,mira n nadh 1 keta, then noreen,dee n sarmila ikut aisha. mryam ngan em then faten wit thesdave.. tp then smpai kt tasik tue asing2. so, mira n em park kt area dpn pkns. tp aisha n thesdave park kt area dpn wetworld. hahaa.. jauh gylee kot.. lwn ckp agak lame dlm phone[em arh;p], atlast, aisha n thesdave mngalah, dtg kt tmpat ktorg. hahaa.. bgs bgs;p

after hbs bkak story sume kt tsik tue, lpas snap2 pics sume. we went to the 'haunted' house in sek12. cant remmber whose ideas at first yg nk sgt peg tgk. huhuu.. em lead the way, n then bile smpai, agak scary arr jgak dat house, tp nsb baek tgh2 hari, so mcm x tkut sgt laa;p.. after dat em bwk ktorg pusing pnyelaa jauh, skali stop kt sek9 jee, n stop kt tepi hutan. ktorg da pelik. then die turun, minx mkanan, ckp kt sini byk monyet!.. hahahahaa.. aiyooo, nk tgk mnyet, kt uitm pon slalu nmpak kot.. heheheee;p
then lpastue evryone mcm x puas lg hang out, so we decide to went 4 bowling. but sadly, mira cant join us.. so, me n nadh tuka naek keta em.. we went to p.a.s jelaa tmpat plg dkat.. luckily dpt 2lanes hjung skali.. maen dahlaa mcm lawak jee, bising plak tue. hahahaa.. then da besh part, bley plak jmpe pn nazim! hahaa.. ckgu, sy winduuu sgt! heeee xp.. so, ape lg, bwatlaa sesi bergmba jap ngan our BM teacher yg berjasa mmbuat kami dpt A dlm bm. hahahaaa;D..
after the game, we all decide to go home laa.. tp bley plak em salah jalan. hahaa.. so, kami dibawa berjalan-jalan ke sekolah lame beliau dan mryam dan juga ilyas. sek 6 kot? hahahaa.. jauh gylee berjalan.. tp im having soooo much fun dat day! thanx guys! mish u all sgt sgt sgt! n the others yg x dpt join us jgak. hope our next 'mini reunion' nant, lg ramai bley join. im thinking of inviting pn haslina too! bley kan kan? heeee xD
p/s ; pics nant i'll upload on 2nd entry. coz, pics byk kt nadh, em n aishaa... guyss, i want all those pictures plsss?? =)