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February 1, 2009


well, as i promised, heres some pics picnic haritue. baru dpt from aishaa td! still waiting pics from em n nadh! heheee;p.. n this entry will be updated later[mayb=p]
me.em n deee

us with pn nazim n amirul n adila!
adila da bsar. chomel jeee!;D

aisha,mryam,faten,nadh,me,dee,mira,noreen n sarmila
[ sowiee sarmila, i block u=( ]

yee. sy n mira mmg bdk kecik! hahaaa

thesdave. nadh n mryam

idk faten minx ape ngan dee tueh=p

sarmila bwat muke chomel laa tueh=p


Anonymous said...

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