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February 21, 2009

movies movies~

since tgk trailer die, mmg nak sgt sgt tgk upin ipin! '
btol btol btol'! hahaaa.. then finally last nite i watched it with along n kak nirda! waaa.. criusly it was awesome! those who hasn't watch it yet, better do it soon! heee;D. there's one line of those cutest kids said in dat movies yg mmg sgt chomel laa! its when da uncle scold them "ish bdk2 nie, asyik maen jee!" then diorg bley plak jwb.. "da name pon budak. maen laa!" hahahahaa.. soooo cute!;D
and the graphic pon hebat laaa! especially part 'monster' tue.. agak scary jgak arr.. heeee;p n the ending mmg x expect laa.. i thought upin, ipin or rajoo mimpi jee ke, or berangan ke. sbb mcm 'monster' tue agak menakutkan laaa.. hahahaa.. but then its real! haaa.. agak terkejut arr ending die.. heheee.. tp besh besh! bley bg 5 stars laaa;D

then today, went to sp[again] with k.kiwan, nikkey, ojan n hajar. at first plan nk maen iceskate, but then tday weekend plak, surely laa ramai en. so, we changed plan peg laa tgk movie. smpai2 jee terus peg beli tiket. mule2 ojan ckp nk tgk 2mvies, then we all oke je. check tickets laa dulu. k.kiwan nk tgk "the curious story of benjamin buttons", so we chose dat movie first at 2pm. then nk plih next movie tue pnyelaa lame. nk tgk punisher tp mcm lmbat sgt plak. nk tgk ape ntah 1 lg, pon mcm lmbat je. so x jd laa, tgklaa benjamin buttons je. snce dat time baru pkul 12 kot, so we went for lunch n window shopping dulu. hajar bought some stuff, then pegi amek gmba kt machine tue! sume sengal jee.. slh tekan laa, x smpat pose laa. hahahaa.. it was fun!;D

oke, back to da 'benjamin' stories. i admit, the story was interesting! its about benjamin who was born old n unique. since he didnt grow older but younger! mmg sgt menarik pon.. tp, ngeeee.. sangat sangat sangat SLOW! criusly ngantuk gyle arr. dahlaa almost 3hours kot dlm tue. huh.. siap ade org tdo lg! hahaaa [org t'tentu tawu:P]. but okelaa.. taley laa kate mnyesal sbb agak menarik jgak cite die. but criusly, i hope dat was the last movie yg sgt sgt slow mcm tgk kt wayang! heheheheee;D


niRDa said...

owhh tgk cite "the curious story of benjamin buttons"..x2nggu k.nirda pun..isk isk..
nway sori 4 dat nyte if ika xhepi n enjoy sgt2
coz sbb2 ttntu..rsnya along n ika pun da taw..so keep it as secret k..but nxtime ill promise dat this things wun hppen again
k..thnx sis 4 dat nyte~