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February 6, 2009

smple~bday;D [updated]

today was one of da besh day in mylife! heeee;p. why? bcoz. i've turned 18 tday! yeayy!!:D
thanx to all yg clbrate my bday td! it was sooooo much fun! luv u guys sgt~! heeee;D
im quite bz with study dis week, so cant write much bout it. but later, i'll upload the stories bout da sprises, presents n da pics tooo!! heee.. till then~! wish me luck 4 my test yeah!;D

[new] pictures taken on my birthday~ tp ade lg kt arep. tak amek lg. arep~~ nk gmbaaaaa~!! heee;p

along, ika n arep~xD

cupcakes, and cakes for sprise party! thanx korg!
love u guys laaa! heeee;D

presents from ; k.kiwan,haja,anyz,sally,alya,

faiez, azhar, nafisah, fiqa n wanie~ thanx guys<33

p/s: sowieee taley upload any pictures yg ade org oleh sbb2 tertentu. hahahaa;p


Hariry Ariffin said...

happy birthday. :)

haikadove said...

huhuu.. thanx thanx~!;D