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February 28, 2009

tday, 1st time i went home on saturday! mlm plak tue! hahahaaa;p
well, bkn sbb xnk blk, but since tday ade talk something kt uitm, so taleh laa blk smalam..
soooooo tired oh! bkn pnat dgr org tue bg talk or dgr org forum kt dpn tue. but.. pnat dgr org 'berforum' beside me! ngeeee.. guess u guys know wuts dat mean aite? huhuuu..
the talk starts around 9 am till almost 2.30 jgak laa.. then da blk kolej tue.. k.kiwan, haja, anyz sume da nk blk umah. im da only yg blk mlm. so lpak jelaa kt blik. but then around 5 mcmtue faiez dtg dc, so me, sally n him went 4 ABC! heeee;D. then ajak faiez peg jalan2 kt FESTIVAL MELATI a.k.a FESMEL! tak ramai sgt org pon at dat time n nothing much to do. so, ktorg round2 jee, then we stopped kt 1booth nie! maen dancepad! at first xnk maen pon. sbuk tgk jee.. but then teringin laa plak en.. mule2 akak tue ckp da nk tutup, smbung mlm coz da around 6.30 pon.. but me bwat ayat sday kt die like "alaaa akak.. mlm nie sy da blk umah. taley dtg daa;(" n plussss with my 'muke kesian'. then die pon ckp.. "okelaa, ksian diee.. bg die last laaa.."
hahahaaa.. thanx kakak yg baek hati!:P
esk mayb im going back to uitm a lil bit early then usual time kot coz esk mlm ade majlis penutup n adee dance n sing competition! mcm seronok jee nk tgk! heeeee;D