What i write is a part of me, mylife and my thoughts. It may be different from what u thought I am. But this is me and oh, THANKS for dropping by ;))

March 1, 2009

di 'tagged' lg ;p

Have you had a girlfriend or boyfriend?
criusly. nope;D.

Have you had your birthday?
yeap yeap! im 18 now~;D

Been to mosque?

Cried yet?
not lately.

Had someone close to you pass away?
urm. my grandma died when i was in std.5..

Pulled an all nighter?

Drank Starbucks?
dulu dulu jeee;p

Gone shopping?
yeap! tp sgt jarang kot;p

Gone to the beach?
a looooongg time ago. cant even rmember when da last time;p

Gone to the movies?
last tgk benjamin button+ upin n ipin! upin n ipin was awesome!;D

Bought something over RM 100?
urm. ape eh? ntah.. cant think of one;p

Met someone new?
urm. klw be frens with sumone new adelaa. heheee;p

Been out of your home state?
urm. nope.

Gone snowboarding/skiing?
nope! wish i can!;(


Kissed someone?

Slept in a friend's bed?
nope jgak.

Snuck someone over?
nope lg..

Snuck out of your own house?

Been in a bar?
tifak juge.

atlast. yeap. sowieee people;(

Gotten a car?
huhuu.. nope nope.

Gone over your cell phone minutes?
nope nope.

Been called a whore?
a BIG NO! [hope never will]

Drove somewhere?
yeap yeap! besh gak driving niee.. hehehee

Done something you regret?
yeap. but i get over it. i'll do better next time;)

Gotten caught? Nope.

LASTSThing you bought?
new earphone!;D

Person to call you?
mak! pesan kunci pntu sume. sbb diorg tadee.. hehehee;D

Last time you took a bubble bath?
haa.. x igt daa.. looooonng time ago jgak kot;p

When was the last time you felt stupid?
urm. ade one time nie. tamaw cte ar kot? heeeee;p

When was the last time you walked/ran a mile?
a mile ? hmm.. everyday kot? hahaa;p

Who was the last person saw you cry?
cant tell. i usually dd not cry infront of others. huhuuu

Who was the last person made you cry?
tak igt.

Who was the last person you watched a movie with?
k.kiwan.nikkey,haja,ojan :)

Who was the last person you danced with?
hahaha. baru jee ptg td. ngan as[cat]!;p

Who did you last yell at?
urm. teringin nk mara kt akak 'agnes' yg bwat forum sndiri mase talk td;p
does it count? heheeee

Who last told you they loved you?
kak as! love u tooo!;D

k. nirda.
k. nisha
[sesape rasee nk bwat lg laaa;p]