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March 7, 2009

cutey smiley xp

td ptg usha usha my old pictures yg ade dlm comp nie. then tetibe ternmpak lak pic nie n rase nk bwat blog lak. hahahaaa;p

dis picture was taken waktu dkat2 nk spm in 2007.. mase tue rasenye tgh semangat study sejarah kot. coz i realise dat mase hjung2 tue, suddenly mcm fall in love with sejarah! hahahaa.. funny is it?;p

n yeah, i love dat smiley a lot! mmg suke sgt sgt laa.. almost everything i wrote i would put da smile jgak last skali. nsb baek mase exam x ltak. huhuuu xp. dis book pon ntah mane daa, i think da buang da kot. syg jee.. actually syg sbb ade dat cute smiley kt cover buku tue jee. hahahaaa;p

[p/s: n3 nie mmg tadee tujuan. saje jee teringin nk ltak gmba buku tue kt blog nie. hahahaa xp]


Anonymous said...

bkn ika tp sejarah.

boooooo sejarah.
angah paling benci sejarah.

Insomnia Guy said...

comey tul bku latihan... :)

haikadove said...

hehee.. thanx insomnia=p