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March 20, 2009

update update

lame suda x bwat n3. huhuu.. agak bz laa lately. last week pon blk kjap jee.. dis week pon same.
so x smpat maw ngarut2. heheee.. latest news, im going to annual dinner apacs esk. hope it will be da besh dnner n will be sooooo much fun. guess so. snce da tgk all the prformances n flows of da dnners en.. huhuu.. i'll update bout da dnner tmorrow then. heeee=D


Anonymous said...

can't wait to read abt it.

haikadove said...

heheee.. i cant wait to write too dear!
tp nk tnggu pics dulu laa.. baru write bout it.
baru seronok=p