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March 8, 2009

award by noorbaya~xp

rules and regulation;
1. copy paste the award at your blog once you got it.
2. make an entry as if this is like A GRAMMY award. ;D
3. tag 5 other bloggers.
4. NEVER break the chain, please.

well, i would love to thank noorbaya 4 giving me dis award.
time kaseh byk2 yee partner! hahahaa..
n i dont know wuts more to say becoz im not sure i was given dis award 4 wat reason. hahaa.. wuteva it is, time kaseh laa byk byk. sgt terharu niee..
heheheeee xD

i would like to award this grammy award to;
*siape2 yang rase die layak dpt award nie. hahahaa;p


Anonymous said...

you bt award ni!
reason anda dpt award ni ialah for being my very good partner.
syg you ohh.

si nisha said...

ohh ika!

syg ika lah~