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May 16, 2009

berehat seketika.

next week start my study leave 4 2wks. dats mean finals pon nk start lg 2weeks je! my papers will be on da 1st,2nd,8th n 10th of june. huhuu.. nsb ade gap.. bley revise2 lg 4 few days.. ngeee.. menyeramkan jee bila pk. my trials result overall oke except 4 audit. alhmdulillah i didnt failed any papers but im still not satisfied wit my audit paper. i hope i manage to do better in da final exams nant. huhuuu.. and as 4 da title. i thought of 'resting' from my ms,fb n blgging world kjap. tak lameee.. kjap jee.. till 10th june which mean until my last paper hbs laa.. lpas tu kte enjoy! hahaaa. so b4 dat i need to start focus on my books, notes n all da exercises.
GO ATIKAH! u can do it! =p

anyway, esk bday one of my closest frens,
K.KIWAN~! HAPPY BECOMING BIRTHDAY! wish u all da besh in everything u do n all da happiness always be with u. love u lots n lots~=).

p/s; kte wish awal2 coz i thought lpas nie xnk on9 n blogging daa.. hehehee..[klw boleylaa;p]


afiq said...

yes! GO ATIKAH! u can do it!

Tajul said...

cat tu ape ek?anyway goodluck.da lama tak pegi uitm shah alam :)