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May 8, 2009


huhuu.. got my trials results daa.. but baru dpt costing n finance.
thank god, it such a relief that i get a good marks dis time.. time exams haritue criusly i was like, 'apelaa aku duk merepek nie..' mmg tawakal jelaa.. but mmg syukur sgt sgt sgt i pass with gud marks! alhamdulillah sgt sgt.. now waiting 4 my audit n T6 papers. isnin nie baru dpt results.. haaa, audit sgt merisaukan laa.. t6 pon samee. bile bncang2 jwpan, mcm byk jee salah.. haish.. i hope i'll pass those two papers too!
pray 4 me yeah peoples=)


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haikadove said...

thanx partner!=)

afiqawe said...

Insya Allah... afiq dan k dayah pun doakan terbaik utk ikah... =)