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May 9, 2009

sports day~

as i said in the post before, today was APACS SPORT'S DAY! it was sooooooo much fun! x rug laa join da activities.. group ktorg maen byk gylee games smpai mmg da pnat gyle larh.. tp da members of the group mmg asyik bertukar-tukar jelaa.. yg mmg fixed was me,kiwan,anyz, azhar n alia jee.. then yg asyik ditarik masuk our group was amni, hadi, hakim, aabid n adil kot. not sure. hahaa.. thanx korg! n thanx to pn faridah too! 4 being sooooo sporting to join our group 4 da first 3games! i loveu pn faridah! hahahaa=p. yet, even we didnt manage to get any hamper[kot] but it doesnt matter larh. yg penting mmg have fun sgt sgt! even criusly super duper pnat oh. huhuuu. some of the games we played are ;

-war game [belon air! sy x basah lnsung! =p]

-ikat belon kt kaki then pchkan da other group pnye.

-tarik upih [alya sgt kuat tarik me one hand! heee=p]

-boling padang+carik sweets dlm tpung+kopek n mkn durian!
[even x mng pon suke sgt! dpt mkn durian byk gylee! heee=p]

-ade lg 1 games kot. but x igt daa. hahaa

okelaa.. xmaw ckp byk2. theres some pictures down here. tp sikit jee.. klw dpt pics laen from my frens nant i'll update again oke..

*ika,azhar,kiwan,alya n anyz
[groups theme;oren+hjau!]

*acara mkn2*
[gyle laju arr diorg mkn. heheee]

*anyz, kiwan, ika, alia n sally*

my actual attire is like this ------>>>>>

but then smpai sane dpt baju oren tue,

mmg da excited daa. chantek jee!

tp lengan pndek lak. so sarung jelaa..

dats y my attire looks pelik sikit.

hahahaaa =p


Anonymous said...

you lawaa.

haikadove said...

ahaha.. thanx partner!
mane ade lawaanyee.
dahlaa blk pon da busuk ajee.