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September 18, 2009

malaysia-russia-indonessia bonds=))

the fact ; a sleepless nite! criusly. me myself cant believe it either =p

yesterday i was online with my 2 other sisters, which were sooo sooo far away!

we never had dat looong loonng chat like ages kot. n yeah, they made me laugh out loud for almost 5hrs? lamee da x bwat mcm tue en. if farah was around, mest lg lg seronok! lg kuat mnyakat en? hahahaa.. i love u guys! super duper loves! wanna add da conf's. but then when i read back. byk pulak menda2 yg kena * . hahahaa. kami kalau da merepek mmg mcm tue. then my comp+int+ym sgt sengal smalam. tak smpat nk capture pic's. sedey=((...

pastue mereka x bg saye tdo! hahaaa. n da pkul 4 mcmtue. i told them

"tak kira. korg kena teman kte smpai sahur jgak!" =p

luckily mereka mmg kakak2 yg memahami. hahahaa..
thanx 4 accompanying me sis!


siti afzan nooraini<33>

oke as terlebih rajen. die edit cnversations tue. check out her blog.
just click on her name oke. hehehee =p

*crdits to fb 4 sponsoring da pics! hahahaa ;p


Asmayanti Awang said...

nice nice nice
jap, kite tgh write entry gak
alaa..kite nak letak gak convo, xpe dun worry, yg patut *** kite x letak =p
it was a super duper marvellous session!~

haikadove said...

hahaa.. suke hatilaa.
i was soooo malash nk edit =p