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November 20, 2009


final exams.
7th ; taxation.
14th ; perf. management.

yeah. final just around da corner. which corner, jgn ditanye. i felt like mcm btol2 dpn mate daa. tade corner2 daa. its my 1st acca's paper exms. hope dat i'll be find. criusly im sooooo nervous. 2more weeks. n bak kate datin ' sume yg kamu blaja 4 dis sem, will be judge based on the 3hours paper. so do ur best! '. yes i will! pray 4 me people=)

lots of things happen dis weeks. i mean criusly sgt byk. most of it kind of stressed me out. but i'll try to control as long as i could. pls ika. exams da dkat. jgn stressed! yeah! chaiyok! =))

.make peace with ur past so it wont screw up the present.


keSENGALan teserlah.. said...

gudluck ek..
haha..pastuh bru ley enjoyyy...!!

haikadove said...

huhuu.. thanx zatie=))