What i write is a part of me, mylife and my thoughts. It may be different from what u thought I am. But this is me and oh, THANKS for dropping by ;))

August 15, 2010

salam ramadhan.

i know im late. but still, SELAMAT BERPUASA to all the muslims =))
i do want to write something here, but masa utk berfikir dan menaip terbatas sikit.gotta focus on my tests dis coming wednsday n friday. oh and my result next monday! Ya Allah, takuut gila kot. i've tried mybest, so do myfrens. now kte tawakal je kat Allah. praying for the best and praying that we all would pass the papers attempted last sem ;)

anyway, salam ramadhan again peeps! lets use dis time to be a better muslims and muslimah. insyaAllah we can change for better ;))