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February 17, 2011

going :)

salam :))

i have this one post 'i hate goodbye' before. i wrote that in the week when everyone's around me are leaving Malaysia to go study abroad. Alhamdulillah, now im writing this because i'll be the one leaving.

i've planned for this. i've thought bout it. but i just never thought it would become real. yeah, im grateful. but im also sooooo not ready for this. but, life doesnt wait so we got to catch up with it right ? so yeah, here i am. insyaAllah will be going this friday (18/2/2011) @ 1045am. I hope, really really hope im gonna be okay there. somewhere far away from myparents, brothers, besfriends. but i know He would never be far away. He would always be there for me. He would protect me and i believe in Him. InsyaAllah everythings gonna be okay.

please, do pray for me dear friends. i might be writing the next post in a different country, timezone. InsyaAllah :))

i'll miss u guys. no wait.
 i ALREADY missed u guys ;((


fArhAnA said...

ika g mana? kte fly tarikh sama gak. 9am

keSENGALan teserlah.. said...

Nak pergi mana haaaaaaa?
sob sob

take care..

keSENGALan teserlah.. said...

eh, btw belated bday ! may ALLAH bless n success all the way yawww..

gonna miss u. hehe.

YCL said...

different timezone sounds cool.
may Allah will always be with you sis! take caree~~ and I MISS YOU already since, since, since i know ur going! =')

lieyyy said...

akak nak pergi mana? :'(

haikadove said...

zatie n liey : kte peg london :). smbung final year kt sini. tak lame punn :))

kak as : thaaaank you sis ! and now im replying in diff time zone. baru kul 9mlm nie. korg kul 4pg daah. hehehe ;p