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August 26, 2011

i miss writing..

Salam Ramadhan ^_^
dah masuk 26 Ramadhan dah ni, lets not let this Ramadhan slip away without leaving something meaningful in our heart, in ourself, attitudes (:

I have nothing much to write, but since i missed writing in this blog, so i guess i'll just write about anything happened these past few days ;D

Last weekend, my friend, Nik Aimi arrived from malaysia. she'll be continuing ACCA here with me. yeayy ! and she'll be staying with me too as a roomate~ then my friend here, Anith Zasha had also decided to move in to our house. this is great, Alhamdulillah !  :D

I've got my result for last semester.. Alhamdulillah passed all three papers, He really did help me through it and the feeling was sooooooo indescribable. this also means that im left with two more papers, P4 and P7 this semester, and i'll be back in Malaysia next February, no longer holding the tittle of ACCA students,  insyaAllah :DD

minggu depan dah raya, tapi kt sini masih tak tahu lg raya bila~ tanya semua orang cakap tak pasti. err then tak raya laa mcm nie. hehehee. insyaAllah selasa sama dengan Malaysia, atau high posibility rabu. yang penting, dua dua hari tu tak ada kelas. hehehee. kelas cuti 24/8-4/9. dah mcm cuti raya kat malaysia pulak rasa. kebetulan sungguh. hehee, Alhamdulillah.

serious tak tahu dah nak tulis apa, yang pasti gian menulis dah dilepaskan. Selamat beramal kawan kawan ^_^