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December 17, 2008

[tunas] vs twilight;p

feels like mcm lameee da x bwat blog nie. mayb bcause i felt like nothing interesting to write. well, its not like i do have some interesting story to share pon but mcm rndu lak nk tulis blog. hahahaa.;p

hmm.. yesterday went to midv with shiro,syaz n myam. atfirst yg plan nk peg me,mira,shiro n myam. then syaz told me nk klua, so we invted her too. then after dat ajak maryam,fatin,nad,aishah skali but mayb last mnit plan, they cant make it. too bad mira cant make it too;(. mish nk hang out with u dear!

tp it was fun jgak! coz finally dpt beli [tunas] by hlovate! da almost 2-3days cari dat book. jmpe gak kt mph midv yg agak pening susunan die.. hehee;p..then anther besh part coz mmg dr haritue nk tgk twilight, then smalam peg jgak tgk! syaz n shiro had watched it before, but diorg oke jee, tgk lg skali even shiro byk ckp beside me, telling wut will happen next. kacau jee. hehehee.. just kdding darl;p.. then blk umah, mlm tue jgak i start reading [tunas]. just stop 4 my dinner jee.. then smbung bace blk while dgr lagu. coz if not, nant dgr bunyi tv, nk g tgk tv plak. hahaa.. n yeah. i manage to finish almost da whole book. but i think nearly 1/4 jee x cover lg. da ngantuk sgt n xlarat daa nk bace. the book was soooo intersting especially 4 teens! recommend it 4 those whos might be looking for an intersting stuff to read dis hlidays. huhuhuu;D