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December 24, 2008


today was quite bz. bgn2 on9 chat ngan anyz n nabila asking them bout da uitm n acca fees.
oh my.. i really want to settle it a.s.a.p. sakit kpale jee pk lame2. hahaa
so then tgh hari after lunch, me n arep went to bank islam, to pay the uitm fees. the bank was full of people waiting 2 be entertain. luckily, we got an alternative, using da atm machine. tak rela oh tnggu lame2 kt situ. hahaa. then we went to lvl 14[menara saas], coz nk g amek letter from acca. smpai je lvl 14, mak aihh.. byk gylee surat! adoii.. sgt mls nk carik, but da alang-alang sampai, carik laa jgak en. heheee. ameklaa kiwan n haja pnye surat skali, coz umah haja odw jee, sng jee nk singgah, n 4 kiwan's, lg laa sng, she just came to myhse nant to take it. then done with all the uitm's stuff, we head straight to glenmarie. peg usha usah kereta. heheee;D
then we went to sp, we thought nk maen bowling. but then smpai2 jee, ade tournament plak.
adoii.. sp nie always full with tournaments laa.. sedey btol;(.. since bowling was the only thing we plan to do kt sp tue, so da x dpt maen, we decide just to walk around and do some shopping. hahaa. shopping laa sgt. atlast x beli pape pon;p. oh yeah, we did bought something!
something dat i reaaaallllyyy want! what is it? check out below.. hahaha.. n yeah lupe plak. arep yg blanje! thanx arep! syggggg arep sgt sgt sgt!;D

this is da one i've been wanted! sgt chumel!! hahaha..
to k.kiwan ; kte da dpt laa sotong nie.
nant demand menda laen laa ngan awk tapeee?


k i w a n said...

alaaaah x jeles pon .
kte pon ade but in a smaller version =p
okay2 , bday nak ape ? :P