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February 12, 2010

gather gather together =p

class of CT1B jul'08 =D

we planned for a reunion. but then to think bout it again. mcm pelik je sebut reunion. gathering wud be better. hahahaa. atfirst, mcm terpk diorg oke kee en nk buat nie. so then me, sally n baby text da girls and we ask megat to inform the boys. suprisingly, everyone agrees! hahaa. never thought it cud be dat easy ;p. then we set da place and occassion. we thought, if we just went for mkn2, nant mest sume duduk ikut kwn jee. so ktorg decide peg main bowling laa. the groups, ktorg yg arrange.. so bercampur-campur laa sikit. huhuu=)

and the bowling's went well~! sume org pon have fun. though ade yg dtg lmbat, x smpat laa nk msukkan their name. but then ktorg slumber jee tuka2 bg diorg maen jgak. especially team kiwan yg plg byk skali import player luar. hahahaa. doesnt matte laa. its not a real tournament pown. da main point just wanna have fun =D
habis bowling, went to the foodcourt. and skali lg buat mcm tmpat sndiri, suke2 hati jee sambung meja. hahaa. eh, kte customer, suke hatilaa nk buat ape kan? ;p.. dekat foodcourt tue, we swap presents. and nie 1 lg benda yg agak sprising. sume org pon setuju jee bwk hadiah without any complain. oh, korg mmg sporting larh! hahaa.. though ade yg dpt hadiah pelik2 kan. sperti shieldtox, listerine, facial mask. redha jelaa eh. hahahaa.

p/s : ade permintaan buat lg. so, we'll see. mayb next sem? kte buat yg lg besh pulak =D