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February 28, 2010


yeay~ da ade photoshop blk! hahaa. lamee da x gune.. skola dulu mcm favourite kot. though im not pro in using it. tapi suke maen jgak. bolehlaa dikala menghilangkan bosan kan seperti waktu cuti sekarang? hahaa..

*i thought nk buat header. but then mcm leceh pulak en since ade template ;p*
*simple one. tp mcm suke. sbb excited kot? hahaaa*
*click on pic 4 bigger view ;) *


Lady Shukriyah said...

mntg2 cuti.


Mr. Vetalocoz said...

photoshop...great...ske gak main dikala boring..hahaha

fArhAnA said...

lps ni leh la edit kan one pic utk nana..hehe ;)