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December 13, 2010


i had decided, but then im confused with my own decision. i dont know if im making the right one. i had arrange everything, and yet, still im half-hearted bout it. i'd asked others, solat istikharah pun dah and all been giving the same answer like kiwan says 'go for it ika'. yeah i want to. but i dont know. mayb we should just wait and see whats gonna happen? im just hoping this is the best. insyaAllah ;)

oh buat sesi curhat kejap
  i really need somewhere to spill this out.
and i couldnt think of anywhere else.
and pls, dont ask me whats this about, thank you ;) 


YCL said...

macam tahu je kenapa..? ;p'
ganbatte neh! i'll always support you~~ :D

haikadove said...

heheee thank youuu sis! i know u will ;))

fArhAnA said...

teruskan berharap pada Ilahi. Allah pasti bantu insyaallah :)

haikadove said...

insyaAllah nana. thank youuu! ;)