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November 17, 2011

last, insyaAllah :D

Salam :))

I'm not supposed to be updating my blog dalam masa terdekat ni, since my finals is just 2weeks away. But just now, i chatted with a friend and she asked me to update this blog, writing something about me. err but isn't that what i've been doing all this time ? tak eh ? heheee. i didn't know where to start, what to write, nothing interesting to share i guess. err but i think i have one thing to share ;p

i just had my last class yesterday. its my p4 class. well, what do u expect, mestilah excited+happy habis kelas kan ? i bet u would feel the same thing :D. but.... i forgot something, it is my last class here in london, my last class in lsbf, no more going to class by bus, by tube, my last class as an ACCA student, insyaAllah. and all of sudden, all the excitement gone. yang ada risau, cuak, nervous dan sewaktu dengannya~ ;p

aimi asked me last week  "ika, next week last class kan ? apa perasaan last class." and at that time, i was like "apa random sangat ni aimi ? biasa jee. tade perasaan. hehee. kenapa ? " and she said, " takla, ni kan last yang memang last. insyaAllah kalau awak pass these papers, memang tade klas dah laa lepasnih. *grin*" and i was speechless that time. serious tak tahu nak jawab apa.

im taking P7[audit] and P4[finance] this semester. and i hope, really really hope this coming december will be my final sitting as an ACCA student. but honestly, im seriously scared. sometimes i even thought "kenapalaaa pergi pilih amek audit and finance instead costing and tax ?". and there's time i felt like wanna give up especially bila buat past year tengok soalan macam "kita ada belajar ke benda ni?" hahahaa.

and i remembered what Fred told us in class. he is my P4 lecturer and sangat motivating, hehee..  he keep reminding us in the class :

"yes, the paper is tough, but don't give up."
"the reason i told you not to give up is because, if you think the questions are killing you, dont worry, it kills thousand of others too. remember, you're not doing it alone. thousands of other P4 candidates are going through the same thing"


dan saya yakin dengan janji Allah :

Karena sesungguhnya sesudah kesulitan itu ada kemudahan.

 sesungguhnya sesudah kesulitan itu ada kemudahan.

lepastu teringat masa pergi daurah notts. speaker cakap[err tak igt pkcik yaakob ke ustaz yang ckp;p]. pesan kat diri, lepasni cakap :

saya boleh ! bila Allah izinkan :D

yes seronok nak habis belajar dah..
 tp dont want to think much. sebab acca tak tentu. 
insyaAllah hope last. sebab jauh lg perjalanan ni. Ameen, Ameen.
 please please doakan saya juga yee^_^ 

Jazakallahu khairan :))


YCL said...

all the best sis! fuhh..betul la tu, last yg memang last punya! :D

amiratun said...

!!! :')

Nurzaty said...

Bittaufiq wannajah. La taqlaqi, ukhti. Allah is always with us. Read your entry this time make me 'how in the world i miss to belajar account so badly!' waaaaa lama giler x main tekan-tekan calculator. lama giler takde kertas berlambak depan mata time study. Hukhukhuk miss old times much!

haikadove said...

kak as ; hee jgn sebut begitu. cuaaaks~ ehehee.

mim ; apa "!!!" ni?? hehee ;p
zaty ; hehee. though how much acca is torturing me, im still in love in accounts ;D

thankyouuu sisters, pray for me please <3

.sh-hamraa' ツ. said...

moga diberi kekuatan iman dan hati oleh Allah.

salam ukhuwwah. :)

haikadove said...

Ameen. Ameen insyaAllah :)
jzkk. salam ukhwah ^_^