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April 10, 2009

belated birthday~

i know its late, tp x kisah laa.. nk jgak bwat post for them! heeee=D

1st of all, happy 23rd bday afiq~! moga pnjang umo, murah rezeki n all da happiness always be with u! sygggg afiq byk byk! huhuuu=D

he's bday actually was on 7th april.. tp snce mase tue dkat uitm lg, mmg takkan on9 laa kt sane en. hehee.. so skarang laa baru nk bwat post. he's currently taking medic n moscow, taleylaa nk clebrate. anta msg wish jee. huhuu.. afiq clebrate kt sane ngan k.dayah jelaa eh. hehehee=p

my 2nd brother, afiq~!

[p/s: gmba nie ika curik kt fcbook afiq. heheee=D]

next bday was my audit's classmate, fatin atiqa! bday die pon on 7th april jgak! she's finally 18! kte suda sebaya! hahahaa=p.. happy birthday dear! wish u all da besh in ur life n will be happy n hyper always mcm skarang! hehehee.. love you lots n lots~!=)

birthday card made by ; shakira n aida..

n sign by all of us. hehehee=p


Mr Bachelor said...

afiq tu my neighbour here... bilik dia atas my bilik je. :)
he's a very lucky man and blessed dapat adik macam u...

best wishes from moscow.

poey said...

comel card tu