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April 30, 2009

sis's day! hahaa=p

TRIALS OVEERR~!! YEAY!! hahaa.. hbs trial hepi bajet mcm habis finals jee en=p..my trials hbs on tuesday, T8 was da last paper.. then smalam ade paper ies150. finals taw! huhuuu.. luckily bace jgak notes ies tuee.. i think klw x bace, mmg taley jwb arr.. soalan sume nk direct ajee.. cmmon snse pon ssh nk gune. hehehee=p

*huhuu.. da lamee nk bwat mcm nie en sis!=p

oke oke, menda da hbs tayah arr cte byk en. today klua ngan as peg sp! smalam hbs jee ies text her.. 'kte blk mlm nie, esk klua jum!' hahaa.. smangat jee.. then plan2 mcm xtaw lg jd ke tak sbb she got smthing else to do. so tapelaa, laen kali laa.. skali tday pg2 die kate nk peg tak, klw die blk awal bley laa.. so peg je arh. laen kali tataw bile plak. hahahaa.. around 11 jgak laa ktorg gerak. peg2 nk tgk fast n furious, skali tade pon tday. so berjalan jelaa.. n hasilnyaa.. nothing. hahahaa.. actually we did bought somthng jgak laa.. books n smthing 4 wanie! hahahaa.. x pasal2 jee wanie dpt hadiah tday en=p. ohyea.. peg kdai comics niee.. waaa, byk gyle bku conan!! heee, ape lg grab arr satu. then kak as ajak beli puzzle, tp she want suju pnye, but i want CONAN!=p ade sape2 nk belikan? RM19.90 jeee! heheheee=p

*heee.. shpping bku hlovate! hahaa


asma said...

ahh..cmne awk bleh post dulu ni..xpe2..kite odw post my side of story ni..nnti bce yek..eyy..puzzle tu rm9.90 je la..sbb tu mcm smangat nk beli, tp pk2, bile la kite nk bwat kan..da la 1000 pieces..