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April 26, 2011

me again.

salam! :)

theres time i felt really down. like seriously. like i'm not the person i used to be. and i tried wander around looking for ways to be 'me' again. hahaa. idontknow what im talking about. nonsense huh? ;p
but then everything seems to be normal again. hahaa. talking with my friends, though they are far away, having this little 'curhat', teasing each other. thats the best thing i guess.

and because of certain things, i expressed it through this.

just by looking at this can make me smile ;)
then i realize, every simple little things can light up our days if we know how to see the positive side of it. why frown when you can smile and be happy ? its your choice anyway :))

im not sure what ive been writing and even why i wrote this. hahaa ;p


lieyyy said...

awhh comelnya. motivating gila :D

haikadove said...

hahaa. motivating ke ?
thaaanx sayang :)