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April 10, 2011

this is a story..not ;p

hye hye hye ! :D
eh.. Assalamualaikum~ heheee

i want to write this in english. i mean fully english because i read fathini's blog, and its interesting to see she wrote the whole entry in english! hehee. moreover, i could practice for my essay writings this june rite ? hahaa [iwish]. okayy, ive start rambling now. serious ika serious ;p

me and my frens [nad n fiqa] went to portsmouth last week(6 april). and according to wiki(yes i google this;p),

Portsmouth is the second largest city in the ceremonial county of Hampshire on the south coast of England

hahaa. over rite to put this in the entry.  laugh if u want, cause i did ;p.. its means its out of london and we need to take a train/buses to get there.  nad booked the train's ticket quite early, so we got seriously low price ! *winkwink*. but, the train are supposed to depart at 10.00am! and we do actually failed time management. hahaa. we left home around 9.15 and got to run at each tube station to catch the train. when we arrived at the platform, the staff said : no worries, u still got plenty of time. but it actually 9.57! plenty huh? ;p.. we took our seat and by 10.00am, there's an announcement been made saying:

ladies and gentleman, im sorry for the delayed of your train. this is due to a person being struck by a train at the ___ [i cant rmember the name;p]. thus all trains will be delayed until further notice. as soon as i got new information, i'll passed it on to you. again, im sorry for the delay of your train this morning.

hahaa. how did i remembered the announcement? because he kept on repeating that almost every 10mins until trains departed on 11.20! hahaaa. okay thats not the main point. see what i've bold above ? a person being struck by a train. and everyone in the train was like making a bored face, like it was not something unusual. and yeah, mysenior said it indeed wasnt. there was like almost everyday people commiting suicide at the railways. duhh. what are they thinking ? suicide ? oh come on, u can  live much much more better if you want to. theres always room for improvement. if u dont like something, change it. if u cant change it, embrace it :)

plus, in Islam, suicide is FORBIDDEN ! okay mayb that person is not a muslim, but still. i dont think there's any religion that will allow or even support suicide rite ?

Dan janganlah kamu membunuh diri kamu, sesungguhnya Allah amat Penyayang kepada kamu 
(al-Nisa', 4:29).

see, even if you think everyone u loves had left you. He will always be there. Always waiting and never leaves. if you think suicide would solve everything, try to think again. if you're dead, how would u know the problems are solved ? maybe you just make it much much more complicated ? everyone makes mistake, everyone have their own problems. its how u handled it thats matter most. just remember, any thoughts that causes you pains, it just a thought. and yes, you can change your own thoughts :))

im not sure if anyone could relate the intro and the ending. hahaa. i just keep on writing and 'tadaaa' here it is. hahaaa. okay, im starting to ramble again. got to go. see you when i see you! ciaos :D


Fathini said...

Haha.siap letak name lg.malu lah.eh,xtgk ke org yg bunuh diri?

haikadove said...

hahaa. promote thini ;p
ohh tadelaa tgk. sbb dia kat station lain. tp lane tu tutup jap, then sume train taleh lalu~