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May 21, 2011

babygirl :)

i've made a list of things to write! tapi tapi. tgh tahan diri taknak melekat depan blog ni lame sangat. hahaa.
will post few entries after my finals nanti, insyaAllah..

oh anyway, babygirl dah ada nama. Alhamdulillah :)

'Aafiyah Fathimah.
dah botak makin comel pulak~ hehehee
afiq cakap : doakan dia jadi anak solehah ye ? insyaAllah :))
baya ckp : tangan dia mcm orang nak takbir je. hahahaa ;p

p/s: All the best to all CIMA,CAT n ACCA students! and others yg nak finals jugak this few months! and siapa yang dah habis exam, tunggu result, goodluck! hehee. and and kepada yang lain lain, doakan kami for finals ni yeah rakan-rakan :)) [hahaa byk pulak pesanan]