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May 22, 2011

sweet much eh ?

salam :)

kak meera wrote this  #50thingsIhate 4- Bruno Mars. Too sweet talker. Bad influnce to the guys.
then ainn replied and it's bcos how the girls just love to be pampered by those sweetness.
hahahaa true enough.  well, im not a big fan of him. not even a fan mayb. hehee. sorry bruno ;p

okay actually bukan nk cerita tu je, i just thought. i used to think songs like that was sooooo sweet! sweet enough to make a girl melt if the guy sing it to them. hahaa. but then, i heard few other songs which i think much sweeter. mari buat comparison eh. just click on the title to hear the songs :)

i compared this :
bruno mars - grenade
bruno mars - just the way you are

to this :
DeHearty - permata yang dicari
Amar - Amani
Devotees - mahar cinta

and for me. rasanya lagu lagu bawah tu jauuuuuh lagi sweet! lagi boleh buat orang cair~ hahaa :) well, im just saying. selera orang lain lain kan ;p

[updated: ada org tanya kenapa lagi sweet. adoii. nant lepas exam kte buat entry bout it eh awk? :) ]

*ngee what am i doing here. 
im supposed to make stakeholders' comparison laa~ ;p*
*and i dont think i would stop twitter anytime soon ;p*


Khirwan Nadheera. said...

Ya Allah.boleh menangis rabak dengar lagu2 mcm ni. thanks for the eye opening dear :')

haikadove said...

just sharing my thoughts ;D
oh lagu amani tu paaaaling kte suka! hahaa. ade lagi satu yg best, nant kte bg awk dgr ;)

Meera Zainal said...

im so proud my name is in ur blogg. haha! ;p ok bye sj menyemak.