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July 27, 2011

july - the month of loves ;D

salam semua ^_^

today nak buat entry bergambar. hehee.
Alhamdulillah there's many happyy things happened this month.
ye, sedih pun banyak jugak, tp buat apa dikenang yg sedih kan ?
heheee. mari mari sy nak share apa yg best ;D
[gambar tak ikut susunan;p]

start with this. one great experience with great people! :D 

 all my family, wish im there too :(
congratulations to my brother arep+kak wana! :))

a visit to british museum

lunch with these people, nicee :)

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oovoo with parents+brothers *loves*

mom's birthday [14/7]
dad's birthday [20/7]

p/s: and now here i am at home, bertemankan fever :(


fArhAnA said...

muka abg arif tu macam tak brubah pun. tringat dulu slalu tunggu ika dpn umah nak g skolah sama2. ngeh3 ^^

haikadove said...

hehee. sama je eh dari dulu ?
haaa tau xpee, teringat masa skola dulu kann.. rinduuu ! ^_^