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July 11, 2009


dis week, i've started living as an acca's student.
da besh part of it, our timetable sgtlaaa byk free time.
plg byk pon just 2classes a day. tue pon rabu n jumaat je.
mnday, tues n thurs just 1 class je. dgr mmg mcm besh gyle en?!

we started class last monday. my 1st class is F5-performance management[costing]..
i was lucky coz got da same klas with alia, sally, azhar n uchue.
kiwan tuka sbject last minutes so die x dpt msuk klas ktorg.
but its oke, she got chimut in her class. tadelaa sorg2.
mase 1st klas, my lecturer msuk, i was like mcm x tng duduk in da whole class.
criusly, she's soooooooo strict n her tone of voice mcm scary oh..
but luckily after 2-3 classes, i get to adapted myself, she's not dat bad.
cara die ajar pon sng nk paham. n she's oke actually,
it was da 1st class jee yg mcm tue. huhuu..

for costing, okelaa. i can deal with it kot.
currently my problem is my F6[taxation] class.
i know most of da people said tax was an easy, intresting paper.
but ntahlaa. i didnt felt it dat way.
i didnt take tax during my cat courses. n when i get into 1st class last wed.
my lecturer are assuming everyone had learned da basic in dip or cat.
while she was talking n talking briefing bout da subject, i was like mcm 'x tahu ape2'.
everyone else mcm cncentrate jee dgr sbb diorg tawu ape yg lecturer tue ckp, but not me.
criusly sgt down dat time, i think people around me x prasan kot.
dhlaa k.kiwan, sally sume klas laen. nsb ade uchue n thini.

i hope dis kind of situation just 4 dis few weeks.
its true when pn lela said before, 'cat n acca lvl of studies sgt jauh berbeza'
yes. i admit it. 4 da 1st week pon rase mcm omg, acca is tough!
but anyway pon i'll have to deal with it. its my choice en.
pray 4 me yeah people=)

oh yeah. my costing lecturer give us one quote:
'you can make succed or you can make excuses,
but you can't make them both at da same time.'
yup. its true. so, even acca is tough,
it cant be an excuse 4 me, insyaAllah=)